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Sep 10

They’re Baaack!

Yep, They’re back. It had to happen. Good, bad or indifferent the reigns of government are now in the hands of Congress again. We’re approaching an election year (but you already knew that or you are comatose) so the appearance of Congressional members accomplishing things will fill the media. Get ready. My Congressional Representatives: You …

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Jul 23

Count the votes my way for my election but…

Congress takes August off (and then some) so I suppose I might as well take August off too – it only seems fair.  On the way I had to ask how The House would like it if each of them were elected using the same logic that the states apply to the Electoral College and …

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Jul 08

… So Few … So Many

My Senator Cory Gardner sent out an email message on July 1, accolading himself for all the good things he’s doing.  Unfortunately, I disagree with his enthusiasm over his listed issues:   Senator Gardner: I just went back and reviewed your July 1 message I received via email.  I know you try to keep your …

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Jun 23

Take Aim, Pull the Trigger

If we don’t do something NOW about the damage the national Popular Vote Movement could do to our nation then we will not be the United STATES anymore…  This letter a followup to a letter in the 6/23 Grand Junction Sentinel from County Commissioner Rose Pugliese.   Representatives: Mesa Colorado County Commissioner Rose Pugliese was …

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Jun 18

“I” needs a rest!

Impeach – Investigate – Immunity – I words…they go on and on and on in todays federal government. “I” words, over and over and over.  Come on Congress, give it a rest!!!   My Colorado Representatives:   I’ve come to the conclusion we need to remove some “I” from Congress.  Understanding that “I” is a …

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Jun 02

A letter from Melania Trump – or maybe the RNC?

A personal letter to me from Melania Trump – asking me for help?  Yeah, right! I have never lost much sleep over what the Republican National Comittee (RNC) is doing because in my mind they’ve done little to help the conservative cause.  A real-life example of the shakespearian phrase, “Much ado about nothing.” So it …

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May 21

How many times can you fix a problem?

Again, federal spending is eating away at my gut.  The Heritage Foundation today released a long term balanced budget proposal that is a logical approach to potentially solving our federal bankruptcy.  Painless? That would be impossible.  Practical?  Perhaps.  Necessary – Absolutely. This to my three Congressment today!   My Colorado Representatives: It should be no …

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May 12

What About that “National Debt”?

Over the past several weeks I have ranted to my Congress People about the lack of a Federal Budget and the resultant national debt incurred because Congress won’t budget expendetures (and give-a-way funds, or any funds!)  One of my readers had been doing his own investigative work about the “National Debt” – that $22 Trillion …

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May 05

Addressed to me…

Form letters are both general and impersonal.  If my Congressmen think a form letter does the response trick, then that tells me something about their concern.  It is accepted “form” (pun intended) but doesn’t make a form letter a proper response.  Hence this letter to my Senator Gardner regarding the federal budget.   Senator Gardner: …

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Apr 12

Is Spying…?

Too busy this week to get a letter out but couldn’t pass up this opportunity to draft my second ever Meme!   Tom Howe Flying W Ranch Hotchkiss, CO

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