The End of Motherhood and Apple Pie – among other things…

CombinedSenate022513Administration playing golf and skiing.  All of Congress on another vacation (Ooops – I mean constituent work week) and all things good and wonderful will immediately end if Sequestration is allowed to go into effect.  Are we in trouble or WHAT?

Colorado Democrat Senators Udall and Bennet catch it this week:

Dear Senators Udall & Bennet:

You two are part of the most uninspiring (and possibly dangerous – from a survivability point of view) national leadership this county has EVER experienced.

The US Senate along with the House of Representatives and the Administration are supposed to be our national overseers, our fiscal and operational kingpins, our guiding lights among the turmoil of everyday living.  Unfortunately for us and for you as well, we have instead these few well publicized examples (among many) of your and the Administration’s current leadership qualities:

  • National Budget – The Senate has over these past – how many years now? – exemplified itself by stonewalling any attempt to create an actual operational national budget – the one thing that an economist or account will tell you is paramount to any financial operation – from a household to a conglomerate to a government.  Trillion$ and Trillion$ of never ending increasing debt guaranteed to by baseline budgeting and you two ignore the inevitable!  Inevitable – hell, we’re already bankrupt – a fact all of you so called leaders in Washington DC refuse to acknowledge!
  • Firearm Legislation – What a joke!  The nation is sliding into fiscal collapse and under your spectacular leadership we have the federal government (as well as state governments and local governments) in media frenzy over whether those ugly guns (or any gun) should have only 10 or 15 shot magazines!  But wait – New York City that has almost four times as many people in 1/15th the area of Colorado has decided that the answer to this vital question is not 10, not 15 but 7!  Now that is a prime example of how to utilize outstanding political leadership – spend as much time as possible legislating things that have no real meaning or consequence.

And one last of many, many examples of current legislative leadership turmoil:

  • Sequestration – the latest lunacy in lackluster Washington DC.  Evidently unable to actually manage our national finances, when our Administration was faced with a real problem some time ago the answer was to develop another plan to delay the inevitable – and then the same Administration attempts to pass responsibility for that plan’s actions on others – threatening the guaranteed complete and total demise of motherhood and apple pie should the Administration’s plan be allowed to proceed.  Now that’s important!  So what do all you leaders do – the Administration plays golf and goes skiing.  Congress goes home.  We are told motherhood and apple pie are in dire jeopardy and…

And what do I see from you two – a seemingly never ending string of e-mails requesting money and that I sign some relatively (compared to the above) unimportant petition.  Are you trying to change our Democratic Republic into a Republic Democracy?  Continuing examples of blindingly bright leadership!

Would you please tell me why I should sleep well tonight?

We’re watching!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado


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