Mar 09

Just exactly how is this Legislation going to help?

Hickenlooper030913A deviation this week hence the early posting.

If you have followed the Senate Insanity here in Colorado (it’s one way to make the national news) then you may know that five of the seven “firearms-related legislation” (I love that reach to not say ‘gun control’) passed the Colorado Senate late, late (we had our own little filibuster for a while) last evening.  Fortunately the two worst (ownership liability and college concealed weapons) of the original not at all magnificent seven were pulled by their sponsors prior to being put to the vote.  Unfortunately the other five passed.  Since they, the remaining five bills, will be headed towards our Governor’s desk, this letter went to Governor John Hickenlooper via fax today.


Governor Hickenlooper:

It appears you have five “Firearms-related legislation” (as named by my State Senator Gail Schwartz) bills coming to your office.  An article in this morning’s Grand Junction Sentinel quoted the Democrat Senate majority leaders saying,

“…they believe a vast majority of Coloradans want each measure to pass, saying they are duty bound to do so particularly in the wake of two major mass shootings in the state and elsewhere last year.”

Followed by a quote from Senate Majority Leader John Morse,

“The world changed largely in Colorado in July with the Aurora theater shooting, but when you’ve got 20 six- and seven-year-old Kindergartners that are massacred, that just seared the consciousness of this generation.”

If, in fact, ANY of the provisions put forth in ANY of the five “firearms-related legislation” bills headed your way would have had ANY effect to in ANY way prevent these unfortunate, misguided shootings then I would be the first to say the legislation is overdue and should implemented.

However –

I defy ANYONE, in any position related to firearms manufacturing, the sale or trade of firearms, training in the use of firearms, law enforcement at any level from municipal police to the FBI, any government or private agency anywhere to explain to me exactly, not in theory or thought, but exactly how any of the five “firearms-related legislation” would have prevented the two terrible occurrences noted above or any other so called “mass shootings”;  then I would encourage you to sign that particular piece of legislation and implement its provisions as soon as possible.

But – No one can!!

No one can explain how ANY of these bills headed your way would have had an effect upon or prevented these or any future misfortunate firearms-related occurrences.

So –

What are our state lawmakers doing?  They’re rushing to implement knee-jerk, feel good, I’m doing ‘SOMETHING’  legislation that is, in reality, not going to do anything to help resolve the issue put forth.

As a citizen and native Coloradoan I hope you will realize what’s happening here and save Colorado Stakeholders the added expense, personal privacy invasion and overall loss of liberty imposed by this totally ineffective and unnecessary legislation.

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado

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