“…shall not be infringed.” – well, maybe …

CombinedSenate031813We’ve got states like Colorado putting unenforceable ‘firearms-related legislation’ into their books while states like Idaho put laws into place that if the federal government passes restrictive gun laws – the state will not honor them.   What a country, “…one nation, under God, indivisible…”

To my Senators this date:


Dear Senators Udall & Bennet:

Well, it appears some of the Colorado Legislature’s “Knee-jerk, feel-good, I’ve got to do something – even though it will be both ignored and un-enforceable” idiotic so called ‘firearms- control legislation’ will be signed by the Colorado Governor and join all the other un-enforceable gun control laws, rule and regulations cluttering the state’s books.

Hopefully those of you in Washington DC that are faced with even more radical “knee-jerk, feel-good, I’ve got to do something – even though it will be both ignored and un-enforceable” gun related legislation will have more foresight.   Senator Feinstein’s blatant attack on second amendment rights was recently put into most proper perspective by Senator Cruz’s comparison to books and the first amendment.  It’s interesting that even Senator Feinstein recognizes that she and Congress should not even attempt to “infringe” on first amendment rights but is willing to put forth legislation that effectively shreds the people’s second amendment rights.

This latest attempt to erode individual rights and liberties is being recognized by many of the state’s legislations that have already passed laws that make it clear the individual states will not abide by any more federal laws, rules, or regulations which infringe individual state citizen’s rights under the second amendment.

As if the nation hasn’t been divided enough already (politically, racially, economically, socially,) we now have the states telling the federal government the states already know what the federal government will probably do and we, the states, are not going to do it!!

‘United’ we are not!

Our nation is crumbling at its foundation.  You, our ‘leaders’ that make up our Congress in Washington DC are spending the nation into financial collapse, refuse to even attempt to manage the nation’s finances by ignoring the most basic economic management principal – a detailed budget – and spend your time in the press and on the committee and legislative floor attempting to tell the states and the citizens just exactly, in great detail, which of their Constitutional rights will “…be infringed![1]

This nation deserves better.  We the people deserve better.  We will find those that can do better.

We’re watching

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado


[1] Second Amendment, US Constitution, “…shall not be infringed.”


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