Mar 27

Defining the Indefinable – only in Congress…

Bennet032713 My Senator Michael Bennet sent me – oops, he’s out of the office working with us constituents this week – his staff sent me an e-mail (‘form’ e-mail) today responding to one of my letters or e-mails regarding ‘gun legislation’.

It’s interesting how much more ‘personal’ correspondence I receive from my Washington DC elected representatives – when they’re not in Washington DC.

Anyway – Michael (or his staff – I keep forgetting about those constituent work things) now gets another letter from me.


Michael –

In your March 27th e-mail to me you (well, your staff’s form e-mail) stated that you believe, “…a combination of enhanced mental health services, restrictions on high capacity magazines and military grade weapons, expanded background checks, and elimination of the gun show loophole are sensible steps that can protect our communities and particularly, our children. In Colorado, we support the right to bear arms and the ability of people to recreate, hunt, and protect their homes, and we want to keep the wrong weapons out the hands of the wrong people.”  I’ve heard the exact same party talking point from both federal and state lawmakers.

Michael – I’m sorry, but all that unsubstantiated rhetoric is just that – totally unsubstantiated rhetoric.

I defy you or anyone else to actually prove that a reduction in so called “high capacity magazines” (already a term that evidently even you politicians cannot jointly define – 15 rounds?, 10 rounds?, 7 rounds?) or “military grade weapons” (another undefinable term dreamed up by some unknowing staff underling somewhere – as aptly exemplified in Sen. Feinstein’s recent proposed legislation) will in fact produce any change to “…protect our communities…”  I actually like your well defined, politically expedient, legally explicit, legislatively acceptable (?) term of “…wrong weapons out of the hands of the wrong people.”  Identifying all the ‘wrong’ weapons and all the ‘wrong’ people should be no problem.  Maybe we should even keep the ‘right’ weapons out of the hands of all the ‘wrong’ people.  Or should it be the ‘wrong’ out of…

I continue to be absolutely amazed at the way politicians try to impress us ‘ordinary’ citizens by generating Knee-jerk, I’ve got to do something, Feel Good proposed legislation that creates more confusion, punishes only law abiding citizens and that many law enforcement officials admit ahead of time they cannot enforce and as a result will not even try to enforce.  More politically wasted effort on non-productive legislation.  Isn’t there even a hint of leadership anywhere in Washington DC?

If only we could get you and the rest of our occasionally honorable members of Congress and the Administration to recognize just some of this country’s real problems, i.e.:

  • National debt beyond human comprehension.
  • Perpetual deficit spending.
  • Government so obese there are literally 100’s of duplicate agency functions.
  • Etc., etc., etc……..

…instead of spending untold hours trying to define a “high capacity magazine?”

Can’t you do better than that for me Michael?

We’re watching!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado

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