Important National Issues? What’s REALLY important?

CombinedSenate040913Our President flies about in his big airplane campaigning for ‘Gun Control’ laws that will affect only law abiding citizens because criminals and murders don’t care.  Minority groups tell me we need ‘Comprehensive’ immigration reform when what we really need is secure borders.  But beyond both of these real issues there are paramount problems facing this nation.

Hence this letter to my Senators today:


Dear Senators Udall & Bennet:

The media tells me there are three very important issues before the US Congress today:

 1.    Gun Control   

 2.    Immigration Reform   

 3.    Government Finance

I began wondering which has the most impact on the nation – which directly affects the most citizens?  After all, the government of this nation is [supposed to be] “…for the people”.

What’s the actual impact of these issues on “…the people”.  We have about 315 million people in this country[1].  That’s a lot of people.  Granted, they all don’t vote now – and many may not ever vote – but unfortunately your job is to represent them anyway.  Now let’s examine the impact of each issue as it relates to “…the people.”

  1. So called ‘Gun Control’ seems to draw the most attention of the media.  There’s about 80 – 90 million gun owners[2] in our nation – that’s not quite 30% of the population.  47% of US households own guns[3].  Gun control laws affect each and every one of these citizens.  However the impact on the target of the legislation, the criminals, is near zero.
  2. Immigration ‘Reform’ directly affects the Illegal Aliens already in the US (consistently reported to be a never changing 11 million but in reality probably 60 -70 million[4]) plus all those individuals that are legally attempting to immigrate into our nation. Securing the borders would seem a first logical step.
  3. The Finances of this nation impact each and every citizen – all 315 million of us – either by the services we receive and/or the taxes we pay directly or indirectly.  But wait – our government borrows almost half of what it spends – so the impact is not just on the 315 million of us currently residing here but also on the future citizens unknowingly assuming that debt!  Wow – all of a sudden the impact of deficit finances is affecting two or more future generations as well.  “Under the assumption of a high level of net international migration, the population [of the US] is expected to grow to 458 million by 2050.”[5]  Assuming ¼ of the population regenerates each 25 years or so that means about an additional 178 million or a total of 636 million residents of the US will be directly impacted by the decisions you in Congress and the nation’s Administration make regarding our nation’s finances.

One mark of responsible leadership is the ability to evaluate issues and measure the issues’ impacts over the area of responsibility.  It appears that your efforts should be directed towards the mess regarding our nation’s finances and set both ‘Gun Laws’ and ‘Immigration Reform’ aside for a while.

We’re watching!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado



[3] 2011 Gallup poll



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