“They shoot horses, don’t they?”

Udall041413It is very difficult to get some animals’ attention.  Politicians are certainly no exception.  Comparatively speaking you would think politicians might be more attentive than our bovine or equine friends.  Sometimes I wonder.

This letter has gone today to both my Senators, Udall (D-CO) and Bennet (D-CO). 

Sometimes I wonder why…


Senators Udall and Bennet:

Unlike cattle – Horses don’t often lie down to rest – but they do (lie down) occasionally.  I suppose part of their defense mechanism is to be able to sleep standing up – which they normally do – “Up and ready,” so to speak.

But those of us that are required to watch horses (like some others watch their investments or other aspects of their job) have a quick jolt when we see one of our horses flat out on the ground – round belly protruding upwards.  “Is it all right” we instantly ask ourselves.  After all, once we’ve fenced in and corralled the horse, we’ve accepted the responsibility to care for them.  Once they’ve become dependent upon us for their well-being, and in general their overall lively hood we understand that we’ve restricted their ability to care for themselves – as nature originally intended.  But, we’re just talking about horses here…

Even though unable to converse via written word or totally explicit verbal conversations, horses have an ability to communicate with us even though in all our wisdom we may not know exactly what a horse is attempting to convey, either by his attempts at verbal announcements or by actions – which is more normal in their society.

But a horse at least will respond when quarried about almost anything.  If lying in a spot of cool grass or sun warmed ground surrounded by snow – shout his or her name and they’ll respond by lifting their head to tell you, “Hey, I’m just relaxing here” or shuffling in a manner to say, “Man, I feel like cow puke here!”  But it’s interesting.  If a horse is asleep standing up and you yell his name – he most likely will do nothing.  That’s his way of telling you to leave him alone – he’s sleeping!

I’ve written a lot of letters to you over the years and several of them have been in regards to the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution and the multiples of thousands of legislative rules and regulations related to firearms currently in place and ineffective and/or not enforced.  I sometimes think you and many of your Colleagues are asleep standing up.

Yes – you have sent me form letters and e-mails with self-serving platitudes about how you so wondrously contemplate and review all the legislation brought before our Congress.  In fact, if you actually even read most of the proposed legislation, I’d be quite surprised.  OK – having your staff review and recommend is acceptable – but not for legislation that directly, individually impacts a huge percentage of your constituents!  There are facts we’re shouting at you to consider:

  • The proposed firearm legislation imposes underserved regulations on law abiding constituents!
  • The proposed firearm legislation will have no impact on deranged individual’s actions!
  • The proposed firearm legislation is near impossible to enforce!

Some of us are beginning to look at you and other elected officials as though you’re lying down like a horse.  We’re yelling at you and you’re not responding.  We don’t know if you’re just resting, maybe you’re sick – or maybe you’re dead.

And the really sad part is we’re beginning to not care.  We’re going to get a better behaved and more responsive horse next time.

We’re watching.

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado

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