Maybe a little like the “Death March”?

Udall103113When I first wrote this letter early today I didn’t have any footnotes – then I remembered the target audience. 

Thus the footnotes were added to clarify the purpose of the letter…

This went to both my Senators – Mark Udall (D-CO) and Michael Bennet (D-CO)


A mandatory journey to…?

Do we (the people) really want to continue this expedition down this same path?

YOU have forced us down a path which has many obstacles, many challenges and that is nothing like what YOU promised us it would be.

The journey[1] began with great trepidation.  Many of the legislative ‘trailblazers’ didn’t want to send us and had to be literally bribed by other ‘leaders’ so a legislative majority would go against their initial reaction that this trip was not necessary and would very possibly end in disaster.  The trek had to be taken by all or none could go.

Our ‘leaders’ kept telling us WE had to go!

They had watched others[2] begin similar treks and were well aware of those results – a slowly eroding, self-destructing path to disappointing mediocrity, at best, rather than the joy filled nirvana always promised at the trail head.

We’ve just started your journey and already many friends cried to your superior ‘leader-in-chief’ that the trip is already way too hard, and too scary, for them to continue.  They say they need more time to prepare for such a massive trip – they say they can’t possibly make the trek without more preparation.  And then even though you legislated that everyone must go – your superior tells some of his complaining friends[3] that they can wait – they can stay and rest while the rest of us must leave.  Again YOU say WE must go down the crumbling path.

But then many others[4] of us say, “Stop this trip – if not completely, then for a while so we can better examine the destination and what might happen if and when we ever arrive.”   But these others that complain are immediately scolded, accused of being idiots and slackers and are told by you, our ‘leaders’, that there is no way we can justify waiting like the others above.

Now we’ve come to the first shiny newly constructed bridge[5] on the trail and at the first step pieces began falling off the bridge.  “Whoa”, we say.  “We can’t cross here – this bridge is already collapsing!”

But YOU say, “Not to worry, just slowly feel your way across – you can make it.”

But then I remember that YOU don’t have to brave the trail, make the journey, and blindly be forced ahead down the unknown but already dangerous trail.

No, YOU and the rest of Congress have exempted yourself.  And you call yourselves ‘leaders’!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado


[1] Affordable Care Act (ACA)

[2] UK, Canada, etc.

[3] Unions, Large Employers, other groups in political favor

[4] House of Representatives

[5] ACA Website

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