It’s About What You Haven’t Done!

Bennet110413Occasionally one of my Senators or my Representative (or their staff) actually responds to my many pointed works.

Of course the response frequently has little if anything to do with the original subject.  Such was a letter I recently received from my Colorado Senator Michael Bennet.  My response to his response is shown here.


Dear Michael:

I received your October 18th letter on October 31st.  I guess the US Postal Service is just concerned about mail leaving your office as they are mail destined for your office?  The NSA must be watching your outgoing USPS mail like they watch your outgoing e-mail.  Maybe it would have arrived earlier if you had printed the two pages on the front and back of one page?

In that letter you thank me for being concerned about the “…recent government shutdown.”  My concern wasn’t about the shutdown.  My concern was about the fact that you and your Senate colleagues refused to even consider proposed legislation presented by the House of Representatives that would have totally avoided the shutdown or at a minimum reduced the strain on both government and citizens during this period of ridiculous partisan bickering.

We recognize that you and most of your party brethren consistently put party politics ahead of patriot actions.  Patriots do not refuse to meet and negotiate on critical national issues.  Patriots do not blindly follow so called party “leadership” and ignore the consequences (unintended or otherwise) of proposed legislation or existing legislation ill serving our nation.  Yes – there are always different viewpoints and conflicting arguments – but you as my Senator, representing me and your other constituents, owe us more than an occasional light tug on the party leash.

There are times you need to pull back, growl and when necessary jerk the leash from your “master’s” hand and go down another path possibly even forming another “pack” for your cause.

The proverbial “Yes Man” doesn’t earn respect in either business or politics.  Acknowledgement, maybe – acknowledged as one of those individuals to be easily swayed in any direction by those “above” them and consistently available to support “superiors” in any endeavor.   How can anyone develop the contacts, political support, financial wherewithal, and desire to run for and win (just barely, but win) an elected seat in the United States Senate and then become such a mediocre political party lap dog?

Point in case:  What possible benefit can this nation, its government, the states that make up the nation and the nation’s citizens gain by you voting to ratify a “treaty” with the United Nations that would allow a foreign, non-sovereign entity the ability to directly interfere with and control domestic operations within our boundaries, our economy and our governmental structure?  Who were you representing with your vote for the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty?  Certainly not the State of Colorado and definitely not me!!  Exactly who in the U.S. would benefit?

We are watching!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado


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  1. Another good one, Tom. I liked the NSA reference, the way you took Bennet to task over the Senate’s inability to negotiate, and the fact that he a hack. Thanks for your efforts.


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