What a Horror Story!

Udall111813I’ve purposely avoided commenting to my Senators about Obama Care because of the high visibility of the issue over these past weeks – but one can only hold the frustration in so long….

This letter below went my Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) and Mark Udall (D-CO) as shown below.



Obama Care – Wow!

All the diatribes, all the political posturing, all the verbal dancing – a media carnival seemingly fed by an unending string of government blunders, each followed by ill-conceived and ill- prepared government rationalizations.

Yes – Obama Care is a carnival for the media but it is now becoming a true horror story for most US citizens.  You and I are watching this real life horror story play out in real-time but unlike most of us citizens, you have the ability to control the story line NOW.  We citizens cannot do anything but scream, cry, and run from the horror as though we were seconds in a late 1950’s horror movie – until November 2014 – when our only recourse is made available.

The Affordable Care Act[1] – a glaring example of the failure of government attempting to regulate, and even worst, attempting to directly participate in an industry originated, nurtured, developed, and successfully operated by private industries, across multiple government boundaries, for centuries.  This ill-judged attempt by government to intercede into and ultimately consume an industry that has for over 180 years provided a useful, competitive, dynamic product for the public.

As is being demonstrated and revealed – government is not (by design) organized, structured or capable of properly founding, operating and financially managing a medical insurance operation as complex as what private industry has built in this nation over the past 180 years.

Obama Care isn’t even in partial operation yet and any observer can immediately recognize the legislation’s foundation is crumbling and the Obama Care structure our government is attempting to build on the crumbling foundation is missing materials, is missing structural planning, was designed without proper engineering review and is already beyond meeting even the most liberal requirements of structural soundness.

And the most irresponsible result of this massive government fiasco is that while trying to build a showplace refuge for the public that has no structural foundation you are systematically destroying the only shelter that has been available to the public – the private medical insurance industry.

Do you now realize that with your past votes for the Affordable Care Act and even more damaging, your support of the current Senate refusal to recognize and react to this disaster in progress, you, individually, have to carry the responsibility – personally?

Yes you have the POWER to begin fixing this real, live horror story.  Will you?

We’re watching, and waiting…

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado

[1] “Affordable…”  What a glaring example of Government naming legislation to mislead the public.



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  1. Excellent! If only people would actually think about what is happening before they cast their ballots, Udall would be finished, as he should be. In a country where actions have few if any consequence anymore, socialist politicians exist because they know the public is not informed and they will not be held accountable for a debacle such as Obama Care. Hopefully enough voters will have awakened from their slumber so we can get a fiscal conservative into the US Senate in Udall’s place in 2014.

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