Using laws we already have – what an idea!

Bennet021014“Comprehensive” is, in fact, a really nebulous   (indistinct, vague) term – perhaps that is why “Comprehensive” is such a popular adjective with our politicians.  Nothing works better than a term that is so well defined – using indistinct and vague terms – when it comes to describing something that is way better left, well, not described!  Add the term “reform” and you have politics at its very, very best.

“Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, “Comprehensive Firearm Legislation”, pick any hot media topic and you can bet some “Comprehensive Reform Legislation” won’t be far behind.

Enough of laws and regulations that is being drafted to just further bury previous regulations and laws that are already on the books and left untested and as a result ineffective.

Let’s try using some of the laws already passed instead of wasting tax dollars and government resources drafting, discussing, changing, manipulating and muddying new laws and regulations covering the same thing…  All my Congressmen received this letter today:


Mark, Michael & Scott:

“Comprehensive”[1] immigration reform – just how “Comprehensive” can we be?  Let’s examine the major federal immigration laws already passed and supposedly in effect[2]:


Similar to many other concerned efforts by you and your colleagues in each chamber of our nation’s capital, you attempt to impress yourselves and sometimes us, your bosses, buy creating more and more (and more) legislation resulting in more, and more (and more) laws rather than examining and … (wait for it) … enforcing those laws and regulations previously passed by yourselves or your predecessors!

Do you think that your predecessors were not paying attention when they passed those previous “Immigration Reform” legislative packages?  Did they waste the taxpayer’s time and money with all that effort?  Do we know whether their efforts were effective?


Why don’t we know?  Because in most recent cases the legislation was passed with much fanfare, back-slapping and celebration (amongst those that created the legislation) and then left to putrefy because no continuing effort was made to fully implement the legislation and properly enforce the resultant laws!

The same scenario applies to many, many laws and regulations currently on our federal books along with, unfortunately, the very first – The Constitution of the United States of America.

All this proves it’s well past time for you and the members of Congress  to use the power of your elected position to begin overseeing the operation of our nation’s government rather than just creating more and more (and more) laws and regulations (and “Comprehensive” Reforms) that will most likely never be properly implemented or enforced.  It is your Job!

We’re watching!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado

[1] :  covering completely or broadly                 \

:  inclusive                                                      > From Merriam Webster

:  having or exhibiting wide mental grasp     /



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    • Bill Marvel on February 10, 2014 at 9:34 AM
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    This has been one of my hot buttons for a long time. We have more laws than any human being can possibly comprehend and it is easy to prove. If this is not true, then why is it the most learned legal scholars in the country – the supreme court justices – vote 5/4 on most of their decisions? We ought to be culling laws by the millions, not creating more.

    On another hot button, immigration, exactly what is “broken” as in “the immigration system is broken.” The only thing I know that is broken is our ability to:

    a. control access to our country across its borders and
    b. find and remove those who have taken advantage of our “broken immigration system” and sneaked into the country illegally or overstayed their visas. An example of the latter are the 19 fine gentlemen who our federal authorities did not find and deport before they decided to take certain airline trips a few years back.

    What else is broken? Why not just fix a and b and skip all this “comprehensive immigration reform” business. Need a statement of who we allow into the country permanently as immigrants and why? No problem. Give me a half hour of uninterrupted thought and I’ll have it all done. This stuff isn’t that complex.

    Bill Marvel

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