It is a lot more than tweets, youtube and facebook!

Tipton031714Our nation is dependent upon the internet – yes for our madness with social networking (Facebook, tweets, youtube, etc., etc.) but most importantly for commerce, distribution, media exchange, ever increasing day to day business – the Internet has become part of the foundation of our economy.

The UN wants control – every nation on the planet would take control if it could.  The US, while in the best position to “take control” if it could justify such a totalitarian effort has left the Internet Society mostly alone in the efforts to keep the Internet an open means of communication.  Many problems not withstanding, the Internet has most certainly become the most successful international means of social and business interconnection and interrelation ever!

But our all knowing self proclaimed omnipotent Administration has decided that it needs to be “changed”:

In a small effort to stop the beginning of the end of the Internet we have learned to love, this letter has gone to all three of my Congress people:

Rep. Tipton, Sen. Udall, Sen. Bennet:

Once again our Administration is leaping ahead and begging for international recognition as a weakening international player attempting to gain some acknowledgment from other nations as the ‘good guy’ – just trying to get along.

The US Commerce Department recently announced a decision to surrender control of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to some sort of non-existent utopian multinational, multicultural “…entity without political entanglements.”[1]  Yeah, right – no political entanglements.  That would limit the number of possible players considerably – to near zero.  The U.S. would be immediately eliminated along with all the other quasi-democratic nations leaving only those nations with dictatorial means of eliminating “entanglements”.

But not to fear – our Administration knows how to handle delicate international situations such as this.

“We will not accept a proposal that replaces the NTAI’s [National Telecommunications and Information Administration] role with a government-led or intergovernmental solution,” Lawrence Strickling, assistant secretary at the Commerce Department, told reporters.

As stated above, “We will not accept…” certainly implies that a government-led organization is already going to decide what is going to happen.  Is this hypocrisy or just stupidity?

Any release of immediate (and absolute) oversight of Internet operations puts this nation and the entire free world at immediate risk.  The erosion of “open access and use” of the current Internet would immediately begin when participation is controlled by international “committee.”  The outstanding effectiveness of the United Nations Security Council is a case in point.

All the social networking and media interplay aside, our nation’s economy has become so depended upon the Internet that release of oversight that could in any way effectively disrupt the access, operation, and eventual overall control is a serious threat to our national security.

Yes we have become way too dependent upon Internet communications – but that fact speaks for itself.  You’ll receive this letter by fax.  I know you and your staff would probably rather it was sent by e-mail – over the Internet.

I rest my case.

You are the United States Congress.  Stop this insanity!!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado


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