Legislation by Petition – – Again?

Udall041414My Senator Udall wants to slap down a recent Supreme Court Decision regarding citizens’ campaign financing.  He obviously thinks it will work against his re-election campaign.  For once, thankfully,  he’s probably correct!

He (Senator Mark Udall D-CO) isn’t sure what to do about the ruling so he’s asking me to sign a petition.

That should do it, eh?  My response is below:



Once again I see you want me to sign another petition.  This time you and your democrat cohorts don’t seem to be able to accept the fact that the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that citizens are allowed to financially support political candidates.

In your April 13th e-mail to me you state:

“We can fight back against this affront to our democratic election process. My colleagues in Congress and I have joined forces to call for reform — either through legislation such as the DISCLOSE Act or by overturning the ruling entirely by passing a constitutional amendment.”

Just remember, it rains on both sides of the scrimmage line. Screen Shot 04-14-14 at 07.40 AM

I personally think there is a reason that amending the US Constitution is very difficult.  Colorado has demonstrated how allowing legislation by constitutional amendment can be cumbersome, problematic and ineffective. However, I agree that there may be a need for a couple amendments to the federal constitution:


  1. Make ALL federal laws applicable to both all the citizens and ALL their elected officials – no exceptions allowed.
  1. Force the federal government to operate (with very few necessary exceptions) within a balanced budget.

That’s why, as a delegate to this year’s Colorado State Republican Assembly, I voted for a resolution calling for Colorado to support a federal Constitutional Convention[1] – the means by which citizens, not just members of Congress, can call for amendments to the federal constitution.

So please, Mark – as you stated in your e-mail – join the Colorado effort to call for a Constitutional Congress – you can submit your proposed amendment to slap the Supreme Court and we’ll propose our amendments to slap down some of your personally beneficial legislation.

We’re watching.

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado

[1] Article V, United States Constitution



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