Time to Change – Taxes without the IRS!

CombinedAll041816I missed last week – participating in the Colorado State GOP Assembly – the one that gained so much undue attention in the national media.  I was one of those nasty delegates that supposedly disenfranchised the Colorado Voters! 

But I’m back and notifying my Representative and Senator’s that Tax Reform is still overdue!


Colorado Representatives:

I see where the IRS is the target of several bills coming to the floor of the House this week.

Could this be the beginning of the so often called “tax reform” (or perhaps the politically enhanced “comprehensive tax reform” – whatever the hell that means) so often touted by you politicians – and equally so often ignored?

Could these small efforts on the House agenda be the beginning?

  • R. 673 – Printing IRS Publication 17
  • R. 4903 – Prohibit IRS funds for targeting citizens 1st amendment rights
  • R. 4885 – IRS Oversight While Eliminating Spending Act of 2016
  • R. 1206 – No Hires for the Delinquent IRS Act
  • R. 3724 – Ensuring Integrity in the IRS Workforce Act of 2015
  • R. 4890 – Ban payment of IRS employee bonuses until justified by the Secretary

There’s little chance that these bills will not pass the House.  Now the challenge lies in the Senate’s court (or chamber, or…).  Is the Senate so partisan, so divided by party lines, so blind to everything except politically motivated actions that the need for a complete change in our government’s revenue generation system can continue to be ignored?

Representative Tipton will no doubt do his part and vote to send these small IRS corrections to the Senate.  It’s up to you two Senators to move ahead from there.

We hear talk and promises about tax reform.  Conversion to a flat tax (or even better – the “Fair Tax”) has gained popularity as a campaign token and appears to be accepted by the citizens.  Conversion to a completely new flat tax system would not be easy – but continuing down the current path will not work!

Our nation has both a spending problem and a revenue problem.  The results are nearly $20 Trillion debt and no recovery in sight.  The nation is like many of our energy production companies (thanks to government oversight) – bankrupt!  Do your job!  Start fixing the problem!

It’s your watch!

We’re watching you!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado



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