The Senate’s Knees Have to be Hurting

CombinedSenate062016Liberal knee jerking at it’s best (or worst, depending upon your point of view.)  In the best federal legislative manner Senator Feinstein wants to add knee jerk gun legislation to a House appropriations bill – holding government agency’s funding hostage to liberal overreaction.  What leadership!!!


Dear Colorado Senators Bennet & Gardner:

I would guess that when the Senate reconvenes at 3:00 PM EDT today that a few senators will be walking with a little more difficulty than usual.  After the “knee jerk” reaction that occurred in the Senate last week regarding Senator Feinstein’s thoughtless proposed amendment (SA 4720 – to HR 2578) there’s bound to be some lingering aches.

Some members of the Senate obviously want to appear to react (albeit in a strange way – many collective knees “jerking”) to the recent shooting in Orlando.  Examination of SA 4720, an amendment to House appropriations bill 2578, reveals that this is nothing more than an attempt to make some unawares citizens think the Senate is acting to help prevent future similar incidences – when in fact the amendment is a blatantly nonspecific attempt to appear to do something.

Have you actually read the amendment – closely – carefully?  The legalese reeks of “knee jerking”!

  • “…based on the totality of the circumstances…”
  • “…based on a reasonable suspicion…”
  • “…related to terrorism…”
  • “…treated as equivalent to a determination…”

Do you really want allow our federal government to remove citizen’s Constitutional rights based on language this non-specific and undefined as the above.  What does “…totality of the circumstances…” mean?   “…Reasonable suspicion…?”  What definition of our language’s adjective “reasonable” is paramount?  And then there’s my favorite, “…equivalent to a determination…!”  What a magnificent legal phrase that is!

If you really want to politically react to the Orlando radical Islamic terrorist incident then do it with forethought and purpose.  Don’t pass this ill-defined attempt at grandstanding.  We all know just a moderately organized terrorist will acquire weapons somehow – just like any other criminal – in spite of all the amendments Senator Feinstein proposes .

We elected you to represent us – to use your experience, your foresight, your ability to negotiate meaningful well organized, rules and regulations for the operation of this nation’s federal government.

How ‘bout we try “acting” instead of “reacting” – knee jerk or otherwise.

We’re watching!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado

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