Feb 06

One in a Row! One What?

Some just can’t tell it like it is!  The motivation for making the subliminal change outlined in my letter to Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO) below escapes me.  Another reason to question the media…or is that – hate the media?


Scott –

I learn so much by reading my local newspaper.  I think I just learned you hate our mountains.

Last week I wrote to you about the upcoming vote on the Joint Resolution disapproving the “Stream Protection Rule”.  I was very pleased when I received a notice from the Speaker’s office that the resolution had passed both the House and Senate and gone to the President’s desk.  That’s one in a row!

But as I was quickly reviewing the Grand Junction Sentinel’s Monday feature, “How Your Lawmakers Voted” I had to look hard to find out how our Colorado Representatives and Senators voted on this important issue.  There’s a table printed each Monday that lists the previous week’s more significant Congressional ballot activity.  The table is evidently provided weekly by “Thomas Voting Reports Inc.”[1]  I found it interesting, albeit quite misleading, to see that this group decided that the title “Mountaintop Removal Mining” was better suited to describe to us constituents how you voted on this very significant resolution.  Yes, the term “Mountaintop Removal Mining” does appear in the resolution as just one 93 word section (Section N, page 93310) of the 300,000+ word rule as printed in the Federal Register.

To the casual observer, however, it appears you and the others that voted in favor of HJR 38, were (are) in favor of just ripping the tops off our mountains!  Really!

I think you and your staff should be concerned that your actions are being misrepresented in this subliminal way.  I can complain, but Thomas Voting Reports would most likely pay way less attention to me than even your staff does…

We’re watching!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado


CC: Thomas Voting Reports (see footnote below.)

[1] Thomas Voting Reports Inc., PO Box 363, Washington, VA  22747, 202-667-9760, votesincongress@gmail.com

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  1. J. A. Hunsinger

    My vote is to hate the lamestream media, and the Grand Junction Sentinel – a socialist rag – specifically.

    Some of the rants coming from the left are tantamount to sedition and/or treason. I hope that our man Trump will pursue that solution to these idiots.

    As far as ripping the top off a mountain is concerned, Climax Molydenum has already done a rendition of that by dropping what remained of a mountain of molydenum ore near the bottom of east Berthoud Pass into the hollowed out core of their mining claim. I believe that happened back in the ’70’s.

    I admire your tenacity, Tom, thanks for doing what you do.


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