Mar 13

Political Power Play

Control of both houses of Congress and the Administration.  The ultimate political power play.  A legislative license that should push party political action scrambling to immediate action!   But then…


Colorado Republican Representatives:

When was the last time you heard one of your constituents tell you, “You really work hard – you should take some time away from your office?”

No fingers needed to make that count, eh?  Roll into the office late Monday or Tuesday morning – then roll back out again on Thursday afternoon or evening – Friday morning at the latest.  Business as usual – or what it has been over the past few years.  Here we are with a new Administration, control of both houses of Congress (a political Power Play), a hat full of campaign promises (ref: constituents in the paragraph above) including what you said you would accomplish for me, your other constituents, and the nation.  Trump is performing in this category – where’s Congress?

We’re almost two and a half months into this new Congress.  We’re seven weeks into the first 100 days of a new Administration.  What have you done?  How many bills have been sent to the President’s desk?  I pay good attention to what our Power Play Congress is doing and frankly, I’m not impressed.

A Power Play is just that – an opportunity to score quick … to score big!  I don’t see the intensity, the drive, the teamwork necessary for this Congress to play Power Play politics as promised – a necessary requirement to accomplish what we constituents expect from this Congress.  A lesson learned from the original Obama Administration – use your Congressional Power Play quick and often.  What happened to Obama’s power play (control of all three)?  The House went Republican in the very next election!

So far I haven’t seen any Championship play from either of you.  Senator Bennet isn’t now, never has been and never will be a serious player – just another party pawn.  If you aren’t willing to lead our Power Play Republican Congress into some intense legislative action (somewhat indicated by showing up in Congress more than three days a week), then maybe it’s time to bring some new blood and new leadership into the team.

Tell me why I should not be disappointed!   We’re watching!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado

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  1. Jerry A Hunsinger

    Your tenacity is amazing, Tom. We are about the same age, and I have come to the conclusion that all 535 members of Congress should be executed, while you continue to attempt to hold their collective feet to the fire – I wish that could or would work.
    How does one rid this republic of the likes of John McCain and Orrin Hatch? Their constituents are so uninformed and ignorant of reality that those two useless men continue in public office.
    And, who can forget John Kerry – who served in Vietnam by the way (for 41/2 months) – who should have been executed for treason beside Jane Fonda many years ago. But no, he became another useless US Senator, eventually rising to the level of a most useless Secretary of State.
    I am 78-years old, and I salute this man who has become President Donald J. Trump. He is the ONLY man in my 57-years of being a voting republican who not only has a chance to fix this country’s slide into communism, he has the heartfelt desire. With him it isn’t just more bullshit, he believes what he shovels, and so do I.
    I hope to God, he makes it through his first term without being assassinated by the crazy SOB’s of the left.
    Keep up the fight Tom, you are doing a great job. I just wish the socialists you were writing to were listening to your concerns, but they aren’t.
    Overt action is called for against the party that will not support our POTUS Trump. Sign me up for that fight.
    Jerry Hunsinger
    Grand Junction

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