There’s better ways to impress Western Colorado

My Republican Senator and Congressman attempt to placate us constituents in western Colorado by saying they want to move the Bureau of Land Management from Washington DC to Grand Junction, Colorado.  Really?


Colorado Republican Representatives:

I need your help.

I’ve watched the two of you expound over the past couple months about your apparent burning desire to encourage the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) portion of the Department of Interior (DOI) to move the BLM headquarters (HQ) out of Washington DC – and to, of all places, Grand Junction, Colorado.  I’ve heard a myriad of reasons why this should be a logical move.  My dilemma is twofold, should the BLM HQ move, as you suggest, and why the HQ portion of the Bureau should be in Grand Junction?

To hear the two of you, Grand Junction has everything the BLM could want for a headquarters:

  • Access to I-70
  • An airport with Commercial service
  • Proximity to BLM land
  • ??


“Specifically, [Gardner] is backing a move to Grand Junction because of factors such as the city’s relatively easy access by air and Interstate 70, and proximity to a large amount of BLM land.”[1]

“Why on earth should we have to buy a $600 plane ticket” to go to BLM headquarters on the Eastern Seaboard when it could be in Grand Junction, Gardner said.[2]

Let me see if I understand.  A federal Bureau HQ has to deal with its Bureau overseers on a regular basis – for the BLM that would be the DOI HQ players that are in DC.  A federal Bureau HQ has the role to interface with other federal bureaus and agencies (for monies and other mundane things) – that are in DC.  The federal bureaucracy writhes throughout DC – that is its nature.  To work within that environment shouldn’t you be there?  You two guys run right back there to supposedly accomplish things.

Accurate information is near impossible to find but my research tells me there are over 10,000 BLM employees.  There’s more than 500 (close to 800?) already working at the BLM Colorado National Center – in Denver, near both I-70 and I-25, near DIA (a somewhat more flexible air travel hub than Grand Junction.)   There’s a reason many drive from Grand Junction to Denver to fly away – the high cost of tickets out of Grand Junction being the reason.  The reason is not to go drive in Denver traffic.

Flyover land has its advantages – especially to get away from the rat race in DC.  You two have more reasons than the BLM to move your HQ from DC to Grand Junction.  Why don’t you do that first?

We’re watching.

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado





  1. I agree, Tom. For any federal government entity to contemplate a move to Grand Junction using our once fine little airport as one of the reasons for such a move is ludicrous in the extreme. Air service to and from Grand Junction is very expensive and will remain so, because it is a backwater and will remain so. Denver, Dallas, or Salt Lake are three hubs that you must fly to in order to go anywhere, so why not start out at one of them

    Denver is the logical venue for such a departmental relocation, but since when is logic used by the federal government.

      • Tom on May 19, 2017 at 10:19 AM
      • Reply

      Denver is already one of two National Field Offices – the other is in AZ. It’s the field operatives that need to be in the (Duh) field – not the HQ office personnel and bureaucratic minions.

      If the logic is to move the HQ closer to the heart of the operations, then all of Washington DC should be moved to central Kansas!!!

      (But then there’s that “flyover” thing…)


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