Uncle Sam wants…WHAT?

It seems to be a politically correct plague throughout our government.  Do you think someone might volunteer to serve – just to be served?  Hmmm…

This letter today to my Congressman Scott Tipton that attempted (unsuccessfully) to remove funds for this from the military spending authorization.  (Didn’t we used to call those “Budgets”?  But then in government, the term “Budget” is so passé…)


Scott –

I’m pleased that you voted in favor (sadly, in the minority) of stripping HR 2810 (National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018) of the authority to fund gender change surgeries and related hormone therapies for members of the military and their families.  These sort of “feel good” actions dictated to the military by politically correct motivators are nothing more than government supported avenues by which confused, instable individuals can have the government support (and more importantly, pay for) questionable medical procedures with unknown results.

At their cores, Political Correctness and the Military have very little in common.  The military exists to:

  • Break things and people!
  • Blow things and people up!
  • Destroy things and people!
  • Outright kill people!
  • Etc.

I’m not sure that the core of Political Correctness can even be listed.

So the US Military cannot deny admission to the service because someone is not mentally sure what they physically are?  Now if you have: Flat feet – get outa here!  Bad knee – get outa here!  Demonstrably psychotic – get outa here!  Low IQ – get outa here!  Non-correctable vision problems – get outa here – etc., etc., etc.!

But –

  • if you don’t know who or what you are,
  • if you have always thought something was wrong with you,
  • if you’ve always felt (or been convinced by some self-serving psychologist) that you are:

+   just a sweet, innocent woman tangled up in a horrible man’s body or

+   a dedicated, basic outright frustrated killer trapped in a 115 pound female body

then “Uncle Sam Wants YOU!

Uncle Sam will take months and months, spend untold thousands of dollars, dedicate legions of medical specialists (instead of those medical specialists that are trained to handle physical trama casualties and PTSD[1] – see list above) to cater to your deep felt desire to become someone else. Of course, that new person will probably not want to (or offer anything to) help the military or the nation one bit.

Who is supposed to “feel good” about that?  Me??

I’m beginning to think our nation has way too many lawmakers (members of Congress) that know little if anything about the military, the military’s charter, or what is required for the military to meet its responsibilities.

Did the military ask, specifically, for these funds?  I doubt it.

If the military did ask, Mad Dog has a bigger challenge than he thought.  Give him as much help as you can!

We’re watching!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado


[1] Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome – a convenient malady du jour for almost anyone that has served.

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