Deficit Interest, Yes – Concerns, most Definitely

My Congressman, Scott Tipton, sent me a message, via email.  His message referred to my “interest” in the deficit and told me what he’s doing to fix it.  Yeah, Right.

My response:


Scott –

On August 31, 2018, you (well, your staff) sent me a message at 1:14 PM MDT.  In the message, you thanked me for my interest regarding the “budget deficit.”  And your message (in case you haven’t read it) goes on to tell me all the work the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) did in that Office’s “…independent analyses of economic issues, like the budget deficit projection,” the first four months of FY 2018.

WHAT??!   What Budget??  CBO “Budget deficits projection” against what?  The last budget I recall was ten years ago in 2008!

You are correct that I am concerned – but not about “…the budget deficit.”  I’m concerned about the complete lack of an actual “Budget” and I’m concerned about the continuing unfettered deficit spending – which Congress must think is allowable – – why? –  because there is no budget??

Your (or your staff’s) canned response words telling me, “It is critical that the federal government stop deficit spending, pay down the national debt, and enact real budget reforms to get our fiscal house in order” has become politically abused.  Those patronizing words have almost as much actual impact as my most favorite worthless political phrase, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” the king of the meaningless phrases perpetually spilling from congress people’s mouths.

What have you and Congress done to establish a complete, ratified FY 2019 Federal Budget?  What measures are coming that will slow the regurgitation of deficit dollars by all agencies of the Federal Government?

A report from you (well, your staff) regarding the status of the house failing to meet the requirements of the Budget Act to have completed action on all budget bills for FY 2019 by June 30th would be much more responsive to my concerns “regarding the budget deficit.”

Don’t ramble on with proven meaningless rhetoric about what needs to be done.  Tell me specifically what you’ve done and specifically what you are going to do.

If what I’ve seen over the past several years is, as you say, an effort by you to “continue to work with my colleagues [to][ sic] put our country on a path towards fiscal responsibility,” you haven’t worked very successfully.  The deficit spending and subsequent national debt is proof that there has been NO progress in stopping deficit spending, paying down the national debt or enactment of budget reforms to get the nations fiscal house in order!

We’re watching.


Tom Howe

Flying W Ranch, Hotchkiss, Colorado




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    • Fletcher Howe on September 4, 2018 at 3:58 PM
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    Excellent! Glad your “back”

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