Quack, or squeak, or…?

Three more weeks of supposed control of both the House and the Senate – the infamous “Lame Duck” Congress – so what do my two Republican Congressmen do – evidently nothing!  My comments sent Congressman Scott Tipton (R-CO) and Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) this date are below:


My Colorado Republican Representatives:

The Lame Duck session in the house is 12 more days (if we constituents can believe what we’re told.)  So far the potential of a truly productive session has moved from “Quack, Quack” to “quack, squeak.”  No apparent rumblings of things to come – in fact, looks like you guys are still in the NATO mode (“No Action, Talk Only”) with little talk at all.

Are we going to end this session practicing for the next Congress – where in this magnified “Us vs. Them” political and social atmosphere, nothing much happens except endless finger pointing?   My House investigation (using Congress’s published data) shows that this week nothing is happening in the House except three days of activity “…Considered Under Suspension of the Rules,” which means no voting necessary – so all the action much be elsewhere, right?

Well, there’s one Committee Meeting (Committee on Oversight and Government Reform – could we ever have enough of those?) on the 28th and three “Subcommittee” (so, how earth shattering can they be?) meetings on the 29th.   That’s it for Committee work.

Senate activity always seems to be a secret (from the constituency point of view) so who knows what might happen there this week.  My guess is little, if anything meaningful.

If things are moving forward to take advantage of the (Lame Duck) situation, I certainly can’t find all the action!!

Enlighten me – PLEASE!  Get out in front of the media and tell the nation what YOU are going to do!  Don’t worry about burning bridges going into the next Congress – it won’t matter.

  • You could be media timely and ensure funding for “The Wall.”
  • You could even be more subtle and do something way more important like ensure continued US military expansion.

Just one of those during the next two weeks would be doing something.

We’re watching, and it doesn’t take much!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado

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