It’s As Good as Over?

As my last attempt of the year to be heard past the first staff member to trash this letter, I figure I might as well try to tell my Cngresspeople once again that things must be done to save the nation.  Sounds hollow, I know – the “saving the nation” stuff – but …

My Colorado Representatives:

As I review the Majority Leader’s Weekly House Schedule for the next to the last week of the Current Congress, it certainly appears from my end that any effort to accomplish much of significance by you and your Congressional colleagues before quitting this Congress isn’t going to happen. 

This is my last letter to this Congress.  Some parting thoughts spawned by the lack of activity in this Lame Duck Congress about the next Congress you three will be part of:

  1. Is it possible for the distinguished body of supposedly responsible individuals, of which you are part, to recognize you’re slowly destroying the ability of this nation to function by never-ending deficit spending? The national debt has, in reality, already bankrupt the nation.  Ignoring this problem and continuing to increase this debt is negligent and a massive disservice to the nation, to yourselves, and your constituents.

Create, Pass, Implement and Honor a Budget.  It is the necessary and responsible thing to do.

  1. Recognize that a nation, including our nation, is not, in reality, a nation at all without borders, a common language, and a culture that represents the attitude, achievements, and desires of the nation’s citizens.

Over the past few decades, it has become evident that we must secure our borders. We must define a national language – a nation cannot communicate within itself when more than 100 languages are in common use.  We must ensure that those wanting to join our nation recognize they are required to adapt to our culture rather than coming to attempt to change our culture.

  1. Remember we are the envy of almost all other nations on this planet. Even though other nation’s actions imply contempt, disdain, and even hate, it is the success of this nation in every category that has earned envy.  Perhaps it is “human nature,” coupled with some twist of logic, to lash out against and attempt to destroy that which is different.

Even though we are the most powerful nation, we must continue to support not just our military to defend ourselves from physical attack, but we must be prepared to defend against ever increasing “virtual” attacks from groups and nations that use technology as weapons.

Enjoy the Christmas Holidays.  When you go into the next Congress, the nation needs much more than petty partisan division crippling our federal government and letting the nation deteriorate even further.

We’re watching.

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado

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