Now you know, Calvin!

A picture is often worth way more than 1000 words.  Calvin and his buddy Hobbs pictured things in life more simply that many of us, but in reality saw much more than we realized.  Cavin was worried about Santa surviving 30 years ago.  Do you think Calvin is worried about our nation surviving today?

I wondered what my representatives are thinking right now!


My Colorado Representatives:

The Christmas Holiday season is upon us.  Even though you continue to attempt to put some action in place before leaving to celebrate Christmas with your families, you have to be thinking about January and the beginning of the next Congress when the playing rules will change somewhat and your efforts to accomplish goals will probably be directed differently than during these past two years.

I happen to run across something that dates back to December of 1988 – simply put – 30 years ago.  A lot of water has run under the bridge in those 30 years and to what avail?

Bill Watterson one of our nations more accomplished cartoonists certainly didn’t make his success putting forth political statements but rather by his enduring way of having a young devilish, energetic, young man go through his very young life with the aid of an imaginary Tiger as his constant companion and frequent advisor.  If only Calvin could today go back and revisit his many conversations with practical Hobbs, Calvin would appreciate the impact and influence his young observations should have had on life today!

I want each of you to study Calvin’s December 4, 1988 question brought forth 30 years ago and evaluate what you have done to answer Calvin’s question (and don’t skate by skipping the Santa analogy as a scapegoat.)

We’re watching…

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado



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    • Bill Marvel on December 19, 2018 at 9:08 AM
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    What amazes me is how long this national deficit spending ideology has gone on without a meltdown. Many in congress would say that is evidence it can continue indefinitely and would point to this same cartoon as supporting evidence.

    But nature is cruel and the laws of economics are as immutable as the laws of physics. In the case at hand these deficits are only raising the level of expectations of a wonderful life and free stuff to higher and higher levels. When the props are eventually kicked out from under them the fall will be all the more painful. My question is whether the injury causing that pain will be curable or fatal…

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