To “Wall” or not to “Wall”?

Here we go – Congress 116.  I have general “Congressional” comments that will appear in a later letter, but first my recommended solution to the government shutdown dilemma – massive egos against each other that have to be looking for a “Compromising” (more on that later too) solution:  Welcome to 2019!


To my Congressional Representatives:

To “Wall” or not to “Wall”?

Except for some of our radical populous, it seems the vast majority of we citizens (and even you politicians) want border security – implying we need a secure southern border regarding traffic (both human and material) into our nation.

President Trump argues that The Wall is the only way to secure the border.

The President’s opposition continues to say that “The Wall” is not necessary – repeatedly stating there are other (mostly high-tech) methods to secure the border.

We (the public) watch this classic example of two proposed solutions of one problem each saying their solution is the best and then politically arguing to disprove the other solution rather than proving their own.

The real question – what is required to secure the border?  Why not find out?

The US Border Patrol certainly has statistics regarding illegal traffic through sections of our southern border that would provide the required basis for testing each of the two solutions – a mandatory environment required for comparison testing.  We spend Billion$ already attempting to secure this border – spending a few more Billion$ to test proposed security methods would be money well spent.

Break the deadlock – have Congress fund both a test section of “The Wall” and a test section of the proposed high-tech border security.  Build both test sections so the Border Patrol can closely monitor the success and failure of each method with the understanding in advance that Congress will fund and implement the most effective method.

Saying something will not work doesn’t make it not work!  Measuring performance is the key.

The Border Patrol knows more about our borders than any other organization – even Congress!  Charge (and fund) the Border Patrol to prove which of the two proposed methods is best.

Then set partisanship aside and get on responsibly managing our country.

We’re watching

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado

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