116th Congress – Now What??

Yesterday’s topic was too pointed to be just another issue.  Hey!  The government is (partially) shut down – even (in case you haven’t heard) most of the National Parks!!  But we have a new Congress now.  Can they be directed….????


My Colorado Representatives:

Here we go – 116th U.S. Congress.  Will you three be willing participants of a massive “Do Nothing Congress?” Will the Senate do little but block every “meaningful” House Bill and the House automatically stop every “meaningful” Senate Bill?  Will the nation have to try to survive an “us” vs. “them” Congress rather than our elected officials doing their sworn duty?

The “Left” is focusing on impeaching Trump, increasing taxes, impeaching Trump, spending more, and of course, getting rid of Trump.

The “Right” is focusing on trying to decide what Trump should be doing.   The “Right” knows full well Trump has his agenda and that many constituents support and encourage his efforts – mostly focused on the NATION rather than himself or Partisan Politics.

I know thousands and thousands of Congressional staff man (woman? Person?) hours will be wasted drafting meaningless partisan and personally motivated legislation which will burn thousands of committee hours and may come before the House or Senate.  Most will be introduced “…under suspension of the rules…”, etc., never be discussed outside committee, and eventually just cost the government (taxpayers) more deficit money, more federal employees, more regulation and enforcement of actions never intended to be the responsibility of the federal government.  There’s an analogy between that and thickening pond scum in there somewhere.

Are you able to exercise some leadership and pull your Congressional colleagues out of this non-productive governmental perpetual spiral?  Congressional action (probably a poor choice of verb) isn’t helping this nation.  Convince other members of Congress to do the federal government’s job (the Constitution is your job description) and as some examples:

  • Secure our nation! Secure our borders and secure our nation with an adequate military.
  • Manage our finances! Develop and implement a timely, responsible, deficit-free 2020 budget and do it on-time prior to September 1, 2019.
    • Begin Federal Debt Reduction. We’re already bankrupt.  Don’t ignore the consequences.
    • Wean the rest of the planet from our embarrassing foreign aid policies. Shut those funds off or at least turn those funds inward to solve some domestic problems.
  • Accept the nation’s progress made over the past two years (financial, employment, GDP, ) and expand on those successes.
  • Acknowledge there is a difference between governmental and moral responsibilities. Focus on Constitutionally defined governmental issues – that is the governmental job you took an oath to perform.

Are you up to the job?  We’re watching!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado


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