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Colorado’s new liberal legislature couldn’t wait to join the National Popular Vote (NPV) Movement because they “want every vote to count”  – like California and New York and New Jersey.  They want only 36% of the voters to elect the President instead of 48% or maybe even 50% or more.  If you don’t like your constitution – don’t change it, go around it…

This letter going to a few newspapers and all the Colorado Congresspeople at Shangri-La on the Potomac.


On March 30th a Town Hall meeting was organized by State Senator Kerry Donovan and State Representative Julie McCluskie in Hotchkiss, Colorado.  These two hosts each gave a presentation of their favorite activities at the statehouse and then without taking questions or comments, turned the Meeting over to a “group” to present the case for the National Popular Vote (NPV) movement.  Yep, that’s the same movement which the Colorado State Legislature and Governor already joined.

The “group” was a presentation by a traveling, self-proclaimed California Republican that went to g-r-e-a-t lengths to attempt to explain that the Electoral College is not the problem.  He told us the reason every vote does not count is that 48 of the 50 states designate ALL the state’s Electors to vote for the Presidential Candidate winning the entire state’s popular vote.

And then he attempted to explain why that “failed” process if expanded and used further at a national level (the NPV) would “make every vote count.”  He says combining all the state’s electors (as selected by the failed process above) into enough electoral votes to, in essence, totally by-pass the Electoral College process, will most certainly make every vote count.  Using his logic, then 48 (well 20 – the number required by the NPV) wrongs must certainly make a right.

Every ten years the US Government reapportions the US population between the House of Representatives’ districts in an evenly distributed manner (magically by both Population and Geographic’s.)  The Electoral College has one Elector per House district plus an additional two electors per state (representing the states Senatorial presence in Congress).

The federal government should legislate that the states must allow each Congressional district to elect its Elector directly (a “right” granted in the Constitution’s 14th Amendment.)  Then (setting aside gerrymandering) “every vote” would count at both the district and state level – each voter, in essence, casting a vote for both his district and state electors – the two Senatorial Electors determined by statewide popular vote.  Then every vote counts at both the district and the state levels – as was the intention of the founding fathers.

The Constitution provides a means to be adjusted when necessary.  Those that swear an oath to “support the Constitution” should use the legal means available to do so (see above) not circumnavigate to avoid the Constitution.  The NPV does exactly that – and sets an almost treasonous example doing so.

We’re watching!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado


CC:       Rep. Diana DeGette      202-225-5657

Rep. Joe Neguse          202-226-7840

Rep. Ken Buck              202-225-5870

Rep. Doug Lamborn      202-226-2638

Rep. Jason Crow           email (No Fax)

Rep. Ed Perlmutter        202-225-5278





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