How many times can you fix a problem?

Again, federal spending is eating away at my gut.  The Heritage Foundation today released a long term balanced budget proposal that is a logical approach to potentially solving our federal bankruptcy.  Painless? That would be impossible.  Practical?  Perhaps.  Necessary – Absolutely.

This to my three Congressment today!


My Colorado Representatives:

It should be no secret to any of you three that our federal government continues to “swell” rather than grow – especially when viewed from a cost vs. benefit point-of-view.  “Swelling” (abnormal enlargement of a body part) is acceptable when related to injured physical body parts but should not be accepted when related to government treatment of perceived socioeconomic ailments.

Anyone that spends any time at all looking at the federal dumping of our monies into dated, if not antiquated, programs that began with what seemed (and were usually defined as) a localized, short term requirement have continued – unabated and swelling.  Now those programs are holes in the federal budget sieve that will forever, it seems, drain funds from our treasury.  Just because,” It seemed like a good idea at the time,” doesn’t mean it is a good idea for all time!

Thanks to the Heritage Foundation’s efforts to analyze our federal spending habits (I would say “budgeting habits,” but despite the law, budgeting is a thing of the past) we can look at a few of the 200+ unnecessary (according to the Heritage Foundation[1]) programs we finance:


Perhaps rather than spending time thinking of new ways to spend our bloated government out of bankruptcy, it is time to figure out a way to reduce both the size and cost of government.  Our government could survive with that sort of attention.  Otherwise??

But Congress seems to be more involved investigating the investigators, invading the President’s financial privacy (he is a citizen too,) and crying out for Presidential impeachment – no matter why!!

It is painful, but we’re watching!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado


[1] Heritage Foundation –  BlueprintforBalance_AFederalBudgetforFY2020.pdf

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    • Bill Marvel on May 21, 2019 at 12:56 PM
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    What needs to be done is for congress to spend a few years without passing any new laws but simply reviewing all current laws, procedures, policies, agencies, entities, expenditures and the like to see how much they can do away with. My wife can just look through telephone book entries under federal government and easily find a number of listings for useless or needless offices.

    Of course this will never happen because it would launch into unemployment many tens of thousands of government “employees” . It would also bring to a rapid close the long standing trend of grandstanding for every trivial thing that comes along in order to get more followers and more votes for the next election.

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