A letter from Melania Trump – or maybe the RNC?

A personal letter to me from Melania Trump – asking me for help?  Yeah, right!

I have never lost much sleep over what the Republican National Comittee (RNC) is doing because in my mind they’ve done little to help the conservative cause.  A real-life example of the shakespearian phrase, “Much ado about nothing.”

So it is time they received my thoughts regarding the RNC’s methods and means to contact me.  I responded to my letter from “Melania” with this:


To the Republican National Committee:

Today (June 1, 2019) I received a letter from Melania Trump.  It is dated on Wednesday.  Wait! Not just Wednesday; the letter was dated Wednesday Morning!

I know Melania’s staff is just a fraction of what Michelle Obama retained when first lady, but then Michelle (and her staff) were always too busy to write to me.  They (Melania’s staff) must not have been able to find my address and as a result, asked the Republican National Committee to mail Melania’s letter to me.

Not to be outdone by the nation’s first lady, the Republican National Committee quickly agreed and figured out that they (the Committee) could write to me too.  Melania wants my support.  The Republican National Committee wants my money.  I appreciate Melania’s request.

The Republican National Committee thinks I owe them.  I don’t appreciate that!  I’m so unappreciative that I’ve made a decision.

My “Presidential Pledge” is that I will not, under any circumstances, ever give our National Republican Committee any funds whatsoever until I go for 12 months without receiving a phone call (I receive at least one call a month or more), a letter – with only one exception below – no matter how important the Committee thinks their letters might be – for at least 12 months from today.

The exception is a response to the one (and only) request I have made of The Republican National Committee, repeatedly.

I have asked that the Committee draft the 2020 Platform and publish it in a format readable, understood, and hopefully retained by the mainstream US Citizen.  The platform should be brief, concise, direct, and attainable.  The Platform should contain no stands on nonlegislatable moral issues.  No stands on pet projects pushed by minority groups looking for special needs.  No stands on regional or local issues not in the interest of all the individual citizens.  The platform should be limited to and cover the responsibilities of the federal government – as specified in the U.S. Constitution.  As an example – the platform should contain the need for a federal budget to be put into place as required by law – before the beginning of the respective fiscal year.  That job alone has befuddled the entire Congress (both Republican and Democrat) for the past 11 years.

The platform should have no more than 20 issues.  Unless there are some significant changes, 20 issues will be more than enough to fill two years of the government’s business.

I have my checkbook in hand awaiting the arrival of the 2020 GOP Platform.

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado


  1. The women from my rural Illinois town who voted for Trump cited leadership and fear of war or financial collapse to explain how they cast their ballot for the orange terror. When I asked them about their rights as citizens, as women, they insisted that their pro-life standpoint and their straightness afforded them all the protection they needed. Their marriages would not be called into question, no one was taking their right to vote, they just wanted what they felt was best for the country. They hoped I didn t hate them.

      • Tom on November 7, 2019 at 6:25 AM
      • Reply

      Perhaps those women that voted for Trump actually went through a decisive thought process about the status of our nation, our society, our [diminishing] “rights” and said, like many others, enough is enough!!

      “…orange terror…”??

      Where have I been hiding? The only “orange terror” I could understand would be a swarm of quickly released Illegal Aliens still in their orange jumpsuits quickly fleeing the holding facility where our government turned them loose into our society with the understanding (yeah, right) that they would return in two years for a hearing before a judge. That’s Orange Terror! When you know and understand that you are already a criminal (illegal entry) why face it if you don’t have too??

      …or maybe Charlie Brown’s great pumpkin…


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