“I” needs a rest!

Impeach – Investigate – Immunity – I words…they go on and on and on in todays federal government. “I” words, over and over and over.  Come on Congress, give it a rest!!!


My Colorado Representatives:


I’ve come to the conclusion we need to remove some “I” from Congress.  Understanding that “I” is a foundational word in the vocabulary of the politicians that comprise our Congress “I” frequently used in the personal pronoun vernacular usually followed by verbs like, “will…”, “promise…”, “do…”, “do not…”, “guarantee…”, “want…”, etc.  The poor, overworked ninth letter of our English language alphabet has toiled way too hard in Congress these past two and one-half years.  “I” is ent”I”itled to a rest!

We’ve all heard the term Impeachment so much you’d think Impeachment is part of this Congress’ rules.  Of course, Investigation was the key “I” word for the first two years.  The Investigation would surely lead to Impeachment.  “The” Investigation Report was certain to be Infested with Incriminating evidence to Illustrate the need to Initiate Impeachment Immediately.

But alas, the Report lacked Incrimination – but also did not Implicitly Indemnify.  That alone Inflated the need to Implement Increased Investigation to Illustrate Impeachable Intent by the Administration.  After all, the purpose of the Investigation was to prove Intent, not Indemnify.  But we all should know our government should not spend federal funds Investigating to Indemnify – that would truly be…unAmerican!!

It is tIme to gIve the letter ”I” a rest!

We’re Watching!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado



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