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My Senator Cory Gardner sent out an email message on July 1, accolading himself for all the good things he’s doing.  Unfortunately, I disagree with his enthusiasm over his listed issues:


Senator Gardner:

I just went back and reviewed your July 1 message I received via email.  I know you try to keep your constituents (including me) informed of your activities and we (constituents) appreciate your doing so.  However:

We Will Never Forget:  The next time you re-evaluate the Permanent Authorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Act you may want to keep in mind that even though the first responders at the tragic 9/11 attack on New York City deserve recognition, shouldn’t there be some balance between the compensation packages (recognition?) those responders received and the compensation received by our veterans that face even more hazardous and deadly challenges.  Our service personnel do so with little additional compensation for their resultant hardships, injuries, and sacrifices?  As you said, “It’s well past time that we stand up for those who acted without hesitation…”  This seems very imbalanced to me. Why so much for so few and so little for so many?

100th Anniversary of Passing the 19th Amendment:  How many years before this statue will be removed because it offends a small minority?

Combating Colorado’s Droughts: “…and more to better address this issue.”  Really?  I’m so pleased you (and Senator Feinstein) recognize our (Colorado) drought “…requires a comprehensive approach in order to manage our resources.”  We now have both ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform and ‘comprehensive’ drought management in play.  Don’t forget ‘Comprehensive’ Election Reform, ‘Comprehensive’ Tax Reform Just exactly who is doing all this “comprehending.”  If results are any indication – not many if any.

Standing up to China:  Wow!  Not enough problems here in the good ol’ USA that needs Congressional attention to keep us from introducing legislation (really?) to recognize something that happened in China 30 years ago.  No legislation introduced to recognize 30 years ago the end of the Berlin wall, the San Francisco earthquake, the Exxon Valdez, the first liver transplant?

I would like to hear about your efforts to ensure the FY2020 budget is on track to reach the President’s desk before the beginning of FY2020 – as it should – both as required by law and to fulfill responsible congressional action.  I would like to hear about your efforts to reduce federal spending over the next several fiscal years.  I would like to hear about your actual efforts (not just comments) to address the border crises plus many other immediate pressing issues.

I’m waiting, and watching!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado

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