They’re Baaack!

Yep, They’re back. It had to happen. Good, bad or indifferent the reigns of government are now in the hands of Congress again. We’re approaching an election year (but you already knew that or you are comatose) so the appearance of Congressional members accomplishing things will fill the media. Get ready.

My Congressional Representatives:

You are back – from your six weeks long month recess.  Your return should be a reason to review a couple things that seemed to be unimportant (to Congress, at least) during the first 11 months of this federal government fiscal year:

Preparing and passing a national budget.

We all know that will never happen for FY 2020 because now it is physically impossible – there’s less than a month left.  We now have experienced more than a decade (since 2008) of Congress skirting its foundational obligation to the nation to operate our government responsibly.  It appears that manipulating the national coffers has become nothing more than a political tool (continuing resolutions) for politicians to use against one another to accomplish short-term partisan political gain – the overall status and the future of the nation not important – not even considered.

Reduce Spending.

You and your colleagues in both Congress and Administration will spend more than $1 Trillion more than you have – just next year.  How can you allow that with any responsible thought?  It seems you throw money (that you do not have) everywhere – with reckless abandon. 

Where is any fiscal responsibility at all in these actions? Are you afraid to pass a budget because operating within a budget will prevent the ability to use spending as a political weapon instead of a tool?  Are you afraid being fiscally responsible will lose votes from special interest groups – those that manage to work social media better than your campaign staff?

Since you will accomplish little if any additional meaningful national work during the remaining three weeks of FY 2019, perhaps a little thought about what you might be able to do for our nation in 2020 would make good use of the time.

We’re watching – we’re not happy.

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado

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