More of Same, SHAME!

I’ve been remiss over the last few weeks but my Congressmen have not. Here’s my comments regarding their lack of action on things actually important!

My Colorado Congressmen:

We’ve started FY 2020 operating the federal government financing under an immediate “continuing resolution.”  Is that indicative of how the entire year is going to go…again?  You must be so proud (there is no punctuation mark for the opposite of “exclamation” – i.e., severe disappointment, for me to use here, so this is close “¡”)[1]

Continuing Resolutions – the legal scapegoat for shirking responsibility – has become the “norm” of Congress since 2008 – yes, now 12 years since Congress has passed an actual budget – as (supposedly) required by law.

Are you proud of yourselves?  It is almost as though you want to run the government this way to be able to threaten political adversaries, partisan policies, and even your constituents with government shutdowns to gain some advantage to push some agenda that is not nearly as important as our desperate need for generally responsible government.

I am not proud of you, the three of you or your fellow congressmen.  ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

Get busy and put this nation’s government back on track – responsibly operating this great nation’s business.

The best and most obvious way to start is with a responsible budget that plans to stop deficit spending over a period no longer than five years and contains provisions for a minimum 80% reduction in the national debt over the following 20 years – then regulates future debt limits to an appropriate fraction of Gross National Product (GNP).

You’ll probably say, “It can’t be done!”  I say, “Male Bovine Poop!”

You are the United States of America’s Congress. 

Do your job!!

We’re watching – and voting!

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado

[1] I know the upside-down exclamation point is used in Spanish but seems appropriate here.

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