I’m Not the Only One…

Occasionally (or maybe I should say “rarely”) I read a letter to the editor or a column that mirrors my feelings. When I see one that says, even better than I can say, my feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions, I’m immediately taken aback! Such a letter appeared in the electronic version of today’s Grand Junction Sentinel ( the paper is in such dire financial straits they can’t afford to print a paper on Monday and Tuesday) .

What a great, concise overview of the state of our nation and the reaction of our Congress!!

Image of Barry’s letter as it appears in the Oct. 8, 2019 electronic Grand Junction Sentinel.

Barry says it all. I hope Barry is a veteran and a member of the same veterans group out of Montrose as am (a member.) If so, I will make extra effort to meet him.

Tom Howe – FlyingWBlog

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