Doing Anything?

It has been a while since my senators have heard from me. I’ve been wondering what, if anything they are doing? According to the media, the only thing in Washington DC is possible impeachment of Trump – for something…

My Colorado Senators:

I have been remiss in writing to you for a number of reasons – the least of which is the apparent (at least from the mainstream media point of view) importance of the seemingly never-ending attempt by committees in the House to find some (any, actually) far-flung reason to not just threaten, but actually initiate impeachment of President Trump.  My reasons have more foundation – the lack of apparent functionality of either the House of Representatives or the Senate.  An election year is coming (it isn’t here yet) but if I was to believe the media, the 2020 election and the impending impeachment are the only things of importance to our government.  Oh, there is the occasional elected official scandal (typically sex-related) or guaranteed entertainment icon scandal (always sex-related) by some starlet or rogue actor that has ties to an elected official (probably sex-related.)  Are I and my fellow “silent generation” citizens the only ones that actually care that our nation’s government is coming apart before our eyes?

It is hard to comment, either favorably or critically, about your actions when there appears to be little if any, substantial government operational action from your respective offices.  I’m disappointed in both of you.  You ask why?

Senator Gardner:

I’ve watched you slide away from the conservative principles that won you your last election to more moderate stances on most issues, and I can understand why.  I too am watching Colorado slide away from its conservative roots to the whims and reactions of those that relocated here and then have been changing the state government/social environment into the same environment they left.  I understand “Change” is the only constant.  But, you must realize there are facets of your job representing our state that require you actually work in our nation’s capital for the overall protection of our republic and Colorado’s part therein.  Our constitutional government is crumbling and only you and your congressional cohorts have the ability to save it. 

Senator Bennet:

Really?  Running for President!  While you and I frequently disagree about our government actions, or more importantly – inactions – I still expect you to show respect for your nation, your constituents, and the State you represent by performing the job you promised to do.  Is your ego so inflated that you believe continuing to spend the time you promised representing us to chase this windmill is the way to best serve your constituents?  Show us you care.  Back out, back up, go back to DC and announce that you recognize your time is not best spent on the presidential campaign trail, but serving Colorado best by:

  • Ensuring the nation’s 2021 budget is actually prepared and approved prior to October 1, 2020 – as is required by law.  No more using “continuing resolutions” for political purposes.
  • Working towards reducing, rather than expanding, the federal government’s financial burden on the taxpayers.  Begin working within the constitutional guidlines and begin eliminating the many functions government has assumed outside the limitations of the Constitution[1]

You might be pleasantly surprised by your constituent’s reactions.

We’re watching.

Tom Howe – Flying W Ranch – Hotchkiss, Colorado

[1] Amendment X of the Constitution of the United States

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