She’s no “One-Trick Pony.”

My new Congresswoman Loren Boebert is now part of the 117th Congress. This Congress will start out their term emerged in hot water at best, but probably more like boiling oil. Here’s my welcome aboard letter sent this date.


  1. Bill: I, and many others, it seems, agree with you.

    We’re looking to be well and respectively represented by Loren.

    Tom Howe

    • Bill Marvel on January 4, 2021 at 8:04 AM
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    I met her also at Shooters when Marti and I drove up there during the “lockdown” to show our support when she set up tables outside to defy government and stay open. Although small in stature, this lady has lived a challenging life and has overcome hardship. In a way, she is similar to Donald Trump in that she has firm, well-grounded beliefs and a willingness to see them through during what she knows is coming. This is no spaghetti-spined snowflake.

    Some scoff at her lack of formal higher education. I don’t. Real life experience got her where she is and that beats text books any day. I have plenty of higher education but no way am I qualified for, interested in, or motivated to do what she has taken on. Fire in the belly will drive her to climb the learning curve, separate fact from fiction and maintain those closely held views about minimum government and maximum personal freedom. DT was not changed by the swamp; I doubt that LB will be either.

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