You Answered – Did I Question?

I received a letter from my Junior Senator, John Hickenlooper yesterday, Sunday March 7, 2021. Wow – I guess he and his staff were working hard on Sunday even though he was probably “bleary eyed,” as one media outlet described our Senators after working so hard spending $1.9 TRILLON we don’t have on a on a little Covid “relief” and a whole lot of political glad handing. It was nice of him to think of me, but I’m not sure I know why. Here’s my response (I think, I have no way of confirming) today followed by his letter to me:

To: Sen John Hickenlooper

Via: form email (no audit trail, no confirmed copy, no confirmed notice of receipt, no…)

Re: Your staff’s email to me dated Sunday, March 7, 2021.

I find it hard to believe that your staff is working this first Sunday in March catching up (??) on correspondence I (supposedly) sent to you. Because you do not have a working fax in your office, I have no way to maintain an accurate audit trail of my correspondence to your office. I sent you two letters late in December 2020 (via your campaign site,) one regarding the Integrity of the Election process being in question and the other regarding massive expenditures by Congress of funds (money) the nation doesn’t have and has no projection to ever receive – other than by borrowing or by inflationary printing of additional currency. This recent $1.9 TRILLION “Covid” Bill being a horrible example – less than 9% actually going to Covid “relief” (adjective questionable) and the lions share of the remainder earmarked for politically motivated spending which will never, ever benefit even the smallest possible majority of the citizens responsible for the funds. You and your colleagues just forced me and about 144 million more US taxpayers to borrow about $13,000.00 each – which we don’t want to borrow, much less can afford to borrow. This is “Leadership?”

To the best of my knowledge, the only letter I have written to your office since January 6, 2021 was on January 22, to both you and Representative Boebert, regarding the constituent requirement of being able to contact you and your staff via Facsimile (see “Via” in the second line above”.)

Back to your (or your staff’s) March 7th, 2021 letter to me referenced above. To the best of my recollection, I never wrote to you (or anyone) complaining about the electoral college results or the acceptance of those results. I have mentioned that some investigation into the election integrity throughout the nation is very obviously needed prior to the next national election.

If your response to that potential issue is pending legislation H.R. 1, then don’t bother. IF problems exist in the election process, they need to be identified first, then, perhaps some federal guidelines could be examined. But to completely revamp the entire national election process after, as you referred, “…it was the safest election in American history.” makes no sense. If that is true, then no election legislation is necessary or required. So, any such legislation can only be for political purposes.

Supposed “Leadership” by executive order in a democratic republic founded on the people’s freedom and liberty is infringing enough – but when legislative action literally proposes severe limitations on both freedom and liberty (as doe H.R. 1,) government isn’t leading – it’s dictating

Tom Howe, Flying W Ranch, Hotchkiss, Colorado

And here’s Senator Hickenlooper’s letter. Well, his staff and all their Artificially Intelligent (NOT) correspondence tools working so hard on a Sunday to make me feel…

So – it appears to me that our federal government is supplying me with answers to questions I didn’t ask – just like they are spending funds (money) they don’t have buying all of us solutions to problems that don’t actually exist. Great leaders, eh??

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