The Last FlyingWBlog Letter/Post

Before initiating this blog back in 2013, I wrote to one of my elected officials (primarily those in Shangri-La on the Potomac) about once a week.  I found myself having to dig through files (both digital and physical) to see when I bitched about what.  Blogging wasn’t my intent, but I figured it would be an easy way to use digital tools to track my epistles and distribute them as well.  Over the past eight years, I’ve penned almost 500 of those missives.  I even received a few form letters in response to some.  Once in a great while, the form letter even referred to (in part) the same subject as my letter.

But I hung in there because I thought it was necessary.  It was important to me, even if not to any others.

Earlier this year, I passed (pun intended) into the world of octogenarians.  As Rush would have said back in the day, “For you in Rio Linda, that means 80 years old.”  I’ve realized, as a result, my opinions and opining neither means much to the more enlightened, progressive, oppressed, government-educated, and woke (whatever the hell that means) citizens (and, of course, non-citizens) that now direct this once great nation.  

Couple that milestone (?) with the fact that both my lovely wife, Avie, and I realized operating the Flying W Ranch was probably a bit much for two Octogenarians.  So, this spring, we sold the Flying W Ranch and left rural Delta County Colorado for the not big (thankfully) city of Delta, Colorado.  There is no more Flying W Ranch in our world, so should there be a FlyingWBlog?  I think not.

Fortunately, our new domicile has the “feel” of still being rural, but now the round-trip drive to Walmart (the epicenter of Delta County shopping) is just over a couple of miles rather than 40 miles.  The move taught me that downsizing at our scale was (and still is) a bitch.

So, with all these reasons (excuses?) I’ve realized my blabbering to my “representatives” (the term loosely applied) remains mostly (if not totally) ineffective.  I don’t think I need to continue to appease my mind that I’m trying to accomplish something.

This blog will go the same way as patriotism, civil concern, economic responsibility, pride, and national unity seem to have gone – overwhelmed by insignificant special interests, personal gain, irresponsible leadership (if any at all), and apathy.

Damn – I really love this country.  I loved the country that provided me with the opportunity to become mildly successful, live a life full of wonder, love, and passion, all while being free and enjoying all the other liberties provided me by our Constitutional form of government.

The FlyingWBlog and I will fade away wondering what we did wrong that our whole magnificently successful governmental experiment is crumbling away in plain sight of us all.

At least, I believe I tried.


  1. Bill – very insightful. I went back and looked at the first three letters I posted on Go to the bottom of this page and then to page 48.

    The letters were to each of my Senators (Udall and Bennet) and newly elected Congressman Scott Tipton. The same letters would apply even more so today.

    That is an indication that your predictions are probably right on target.

    Are we living in a twisted realization of the old saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”?

    Tom Howe

    • Bill Marvel on October 18, 2021 at 8:55 AM
    • Reply

    My hat’s off to you, Tom, for your valiant effort in trying to make a difference. I fear the country’s brilliant founders simply did not know that human nature allows people to erroneously assume that what has existed successfully in the past will automatically continue into the future. No maintenance is required.

    The slow train wreck currently underway, seemingly unstoppable, is the result of that failing. For some reason, in engineering and technology we don’t reinvent the wheel but pretty much build on its existence. But in politics, humans keep regressing to something that never worked in order to replace something that worked well. That is well underway in the U.S. right now.

    The siren song of getting something for nothing, expanded today into everything free for everyone, has a predictable outcome that not nearly enough see. And that most certainly includes our elected representatives. The very idea of paying people not to work, and printing money with which to do that, does not seem to register with our leaders as the cause of the very shortages they now blame on others. And yet a 9-year-old trying to scrounge wood with which to build a tree house instinctively knows this.

    I hope for the best but expect anything but. We’re off the rails and heading for the cliff. In the interim, I’m sure we’ll see each other in both Delta and GJ to commiserate. We may have to walk to meet each other when there’s no more gas and horses are on the dinner table, but hey, we were never guaranteed anything in the first place.

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