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You’ve watched the “Flying W Ranch” letterhead fly off to Washington for years.  Now there’s a “Flying W Blog” to further aggravate Internet electrons.

I’ve spent many hours trying to keep from losing copies of, trying to find copies of, trying to remember the topics and dates of letters written weeks and months before.  I figure if I post the letters in a blog – then even I can go to the blog, use the search features and find previous topics, ranting’s and dates contained in previous epistles.

I know a few of you have passed my dribbles on to others in the past.  Should you find any future fulminating just what you need to pass on to your Congressman, your boss, your child or your mother-in-law; it might be easier to just refer them to this blog than go through all the electronic mumbo-jumbo to forward an e-mail and attachment, etc.

Over the past few years I have planned (and mostly accomplished) writing at least one letter to at least one of my three federal representatives (one House, two Senators) each and every week our Congress is in session.  I occasionally drop a little note to some of my state representatives as well, but fortunately I live in Colorado and my state doesn’t need saving anywhere as much as the (federal) Union, California, New York, Michigan, Illinois, etc., etc., etc.  I go to some effort to logically explain my understanding and express my concerns and desires regarding timely issues before Congress.

Since January, 2013 I have posted on this blog copies of my weekly (or whatever) letters I have previously faxed (and / or occasional e-mails sent) to various recipients and therefore provide an opportunity for any reader to post comments regarding my efforts or thoughts of their own.

Please – use any text appearing here you wish (including copying the entire letter) to send to your Representative or Senator(s) or to any other members of Congress or other government officials or just other citizens you think may be interested.  I have no secrets – I never hide my opinions. If you have thoughts of your own – pass them back in the comments section.  I’ll post any comments that are mostly void of vulgar profanity or do not propose an illegal violent overthrow of our government (or other illegal activities.)  Who knows, maybe your Congressman will read them (yeah, right!)

There is a high tech spam blocker in place but your honest comments should sail right through.

I do have a dream.  I dream about a nation reverting away from massive government bureaucracy, massive government budgets, massive government intervention, and massive government apathetic attitude towards enforcing our national laws.  Maybe, with a little help from my friends, my dream may be coming true by the time my grandchildren and great-grandchildren are the ones writing to and directing their Congressional Representatives.

Tom Howe                                                                                              tom@flyingwblog.com

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