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What are the odds…

…things will be different? This last Monday of 2020 will not be a Congressional Monday. But next week we start a new Congress. Boy, things will be different then, right? A new batch of Congressional Leaders will arrive in Shangri-La on the Potomac and begin directing our nation… Isn’t it refreshing? I can remember when, …

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Election Ingegrity Part I

Integrity – Representation/Election

Get it done????

Those who count the votes decide everything

Joseph Stalin said it best. As we await the “results” of the 2020 Presidential Election (as well as some other nationally significant campaigns) the rumor and media mills continue to make flour out of rumor and induendo wheat. I think we deserve (and certainly need) to know what the hell is going on! This letter …

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Popular vote as Constitutionally intended?

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted on this blog. I suspect that my frustration with the nation being divided in every way I could imagine, and then some other ways I couldn’t imagine, has made an effect on my desire to complain or occasionally compliment. The letter below was sent today to the …

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Spending Trillion$ – Inflationary?

I heard the feds may be “asking” for $4 Trillion funds for “Liquidity.” Really??


Even though President Trump will most likely be acquitted by the US Senate in his impeachment trial, a radical religious and obsessive enthusiasm prevails throughout the Democratic Party representatives and leaders to continue to remove the President from office. I want my representatives to spend their time working at their jobs:

They had a reason!

The founding fathers actually lived in tyrannical times. We cannot fathom that reality! Their freedom was a dream worth dying for. We think we can improve our freedom by twisting and turning it to serve politically motivated tyrannical desires. The founding fathers formed our Republic for a reason! This letter went to all the Representatives …

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How’d You Do?