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Am I Communications Underserved?

Facsimile (fax) is still the most convenient way to send mostly secure documents. When Internet (or private network) file transfer is not available or the means to attach a document to an Internet email or private network electronic mail message – Facsimile (as “old fashioned” as it may seem) is the only method somewhat secure …

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Can You Hear Me Now?

I’ve been trying to fax the letter in my last post to Congresswoman Boebert’s office for over a week now. Her fax number isn’t working. So I just sent this via email form to both her and my new Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper: Anyone willing to make book on the odds of my getting any …

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One Step at a Time

She’s no “One-Trick Pony.”

My new Congresswoman Loren Boebert is now part of the 117th Congress. This Congress will start out their term emerged in hot water at best, but probably more like boiling oil. Here’s my welcome aboard letter sent this date.

Integrity Part II – Who Killed JFK

I’m closing 2020 with this demand to my representatives in Washington DC. I’ll follow this with letters to my State representatives and to my local newspapers as well as all the other representatives and senators in my state legislature. We often wonder what we can do as citizens to affect our national well-being. Communicate – …

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What are the odds…

…things will be different? This last Monday of 2020 will not be a Congressional Monday. But next week we start a new Congress. Boy, things will be different then, right? A new batch of Congressional Leaders will arrive in Shangri-La on the Potomac and begin directing our nation… Isn’t it refreshing? I can remember when, …

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Election Ingegrity Part I

Integrity – Representation/Election

Get it done????

Those who count the votes decide everything

Joseph Stalin said it best. As we await the “results” of the 2020 Presidential Election (as well as some other nationally significant campaigns) the rumor and media mills continue to make flour out of rumor and induendo wheat. I think we deserve (and certainly need) to know what the hell is going on! This letter …

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