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Jan 07

To “Wall” or not to “Wall”?

Here we go – Congress 116.  I have general “Congressional” comments that will appear in a later letter, but first my recommended solution to the government shutdown dilemma – massive egos against each other that have to be looking for a “Compromising” (more on that later too) solution:  Welcome to 2019!   To my Congressional …

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Apr 18

Next Week – Back to Shangri-La on the Potomac

Next week they’ll be back in Washington DC.  Tax day is past so the coffers are partially full and we need to get that money (and a bunch more borrowed money) given away and spent!  To coin a popular phrase, it’s “fake money” that is controlled in the Washington DC Shangri-La (a “fake world”.)   …

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May 10

It’s Time – Enough is Enough!!

    The Donald Trump Campaign has demonstrated that I’m not the only Republican voter that’s, well…Pissed!! It’s time the Republican  Beltway Boys realize we’re all upset enough with the current Republican Party that we’ll try to elect an outsider that may be able to start cleaning up the party, the Congress and the nation. …

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Apr 17

Time to Change – Taxes without the IRS!

I missed last week – participating in the Colorado State GOP Assembly – the one that gained so much undue attention in the national media.  I was one of those nasty delegates that supposedly disenfranchised the Colorado Voters!  But I’m back and notifying my Representative and Senator’s that Tax Reform is still overdue!   Colorado …

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Jun 22

It’s a good start…

The House is proposing at $7.4 Billion reduction in the Environmental Protection Agency budget.  Holy Prebles Mice Batman!!!, but… …the reductions could be much, much larger… I’m asking Senators Bennet (D-CO) and Gardner (R-CO) to follow the House and find more cuts. Yeah, right!   Dear Colorado Senators Bennet & Gardner:   I expect the …

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Mar 17

It is a lot more than tweets, youtube and facebook!

Our nation is dependent upon the internet – yes for our madness with social networking (Facebook, tweets, youtube, etc., etc.) but most importantly for commerce, distribution, media exchange, ever increasing day to day business – the Internet has become part of the foundation of our economy. The UN wants control – every nation on the …

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Mar 10

Don’t Have It? – $pend it anyway! Will it ever end? Nope!

President Obama presented his budget this past week.  His total disregard  for the budgeting process of fiscal management is once again reflected in his work.  If confronted with questions regarding deficit spending he always says he will reduce deficit spending.  Shown below is his way of keeping the nation out of debt.  I’d like to …

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Jan 15

Here we go…Again!

I just couldn’t stand it.  The e-mail below went to the three Washington DC individuals supposedly representing me – Senators Mark Udall (D-CO) & Michael Bennet (D-CO) as well as Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO).  I just get so tired of this baseline budgeting, Omnibus Bill method of funding our bumbling federal government:   Here we …

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Oct 31

Maybe a little like the “Death March”?

When I first wrote this letter early today I didn’t have any footnotes – then I remembered the target audience.  Thus the footnotes were added to clarify the purpose of the letter… This went to both my Senators – Mark Udall (D-CO) and Michael Bennet (D-CO) Senators: A mandatory journey to…? Do we (the people) …

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Apr 09

Important National Issues? What’s REALLY important?

Our President flies about in his big airplane campaigning for ‘Gun Control’ laws that will affect only law abiding citizens because criminals and murders don’t care.  Minority groups tell me we need ‘Comprehensive’ immigration reform when what we really need is secure borders.  But beyond both of these real issues there are paramount problems facing …

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