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A “Compromise” mea culpa

Someone could have won something. An honest “mea culpa” to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. I really didn’t expect they would publish my “Compromise” letter. My expectations were wrong. This from today’s (April 16, 2021) Daily Sentinel:

“Compromise” – Maybe NOT!

Letter writer Linda Morton needs a lesson in semantics.  Perhaps Linda (and the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel Letters headline writer) both have “…much to learn about compromise.”  In the world of negotiating, “compromise” is not an acceptable outcome. The best-detailed definition of “compromise” I can find is from Merriam-Webster: “: settlement of differences by arbitration …

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“Listening to You” [me] – Yeah, right!

Will this be the last posting on FlyingWBlog? Perhaps… Stand By…

The First 2021 Congressional Echo

I have received my first letter from my Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. It’s kind of like a distorted echo bouncing back off a far canyon wall. Am I thrilled? Not exactly. The (form) letter is a bit lengthy – “verbosity” comes to mind. That part of the letter aside, I wonder why I received this letter: …

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Captain, We have Contact

We have email Contact – could FAX communications with Rep. Lauren Boebert’s new House of Representative’s office actually happen. Maybe that capability to communicate with constituents is coming…maybe… My email below was sent 2/4/21 in response to a (solicited) email received from Lauren’s staff (below the below.) The redactions are to impersonalize the conversation for …

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Still Communications Underserved!!

Frustrated? – Ya think I am? But I won’t give up. My Congresswoman is either ill-served by the deficit funded federal government she has been hired (by me and you) to direct, or she and her staff have yet figured out how to get the overly funded Congress Office Building staff to install a functioning …

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Am I Communications Underserved?

Facsimile (fax) is still the most convenient way to send mostly secure documents. When Internet (or private network) file transfer is not available or the means to attach a document to an Internet email or private network electronic mail message – Facsimile (as “old fashioned” as it may seem) is the only method somewhat secure …

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Can You Hear Me Now?

I’ve been trying to fax the letter in my last post to Congresswoman Boebert’s office for over a week now. Her fax number isn’t working. So I just sent this via email form to both her and my new Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper: Anyone willing to make book on the odds of my getting any …

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One Step at a Time

Integrity Part II – Who Killed JFK

I’m closing 2020 with this demand to my representatives in Washington DC. I’ll follow this with letters to my State representatives and to my local newspapers as well as all the other representatives and senators in my state legislature. We often wonder what we can do as citizens to affect our national well-being. Communicate – …

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