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Jul 08

… So Few … So Many

My Senator Cory Gardner sent out an email message on July 1, accolading himself for all the good things he’s doing.  Unfortunately, I disagree with his enthusiasm over his listed issues:   Senator Gardner: I just went back and reviewed your July 1 message I received via email.  I know you try to keep your …

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Jul 26

Another “Committee” – That’ll Help!

Another flock of “bills” to be approved in the House Under “Suspension of the Rules” this week.  Not being a big fan of government “Committees”, I picked H.R. 1831 to review this week.  Another example of your government in action!   Scott – This week there are 17 entries in your House schedule for bills …

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May 20

“Comprehensive” – a 13 letter Four Letter Word

My Senator Michael Bennet (CO-D) sits on the Senate Finance Committee.  After a little investigation I find that Committee has been working hard to repair the national governments attempts to put it’s financial house in order – magnanimous deficit spending and horrendous national debt not withstanding.  Hence this letter today with a “Comprehensive” suggestion.   …

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Feb 04

“Comprehensive” – Yea, Right

Whenever a politician spouts the adjective “Comprehensive” – relative to anything – I want to puke! Now four Senator’s tell me it’s time to “seize” Comprehensive Immigration Reform. They told me that in an e-mail from Senators Schumer, Durbin, Bennet, and Menendez (who should be spending his time trying to improve the ‘cover up’). How …

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