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Mar 03

2019 HR1 Steamrolling Constitutional States Rights

2019 HR1 now working its way through the House of Representatives is an atrocity!  The Federal Government has been slowly eroding States Rights since Congress realized it could actually propose legislation that would do so.  There’s a difference between slow erosion and using hydraulicking – high pressure movement of mountains.  2019 HR1 blasts away the …

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Feb 23

Court Arguments in Congressional Legislation?

HR-1 2019’s first “change things as fast as possible” bill is working its way through the legislative process – or Congress would like you to believe.  If the House truly honored the “legislative process” this bill would be ripped to pieces.  It’s not legislation at all.  Here are my comments regarding just one small part …

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Jan 23

Maybe nothing has changed…….yet?

Some people seem to be radically disturbed by Donald Trump becoming our current President.  Nothing stays the same – including our federal government.  Our Congress needs to get to work (for a change…)  To my…   Colorado Representatives: A new administration all most in place – a new President inaugurated. Professionally Unprepared Intellectually Ill Informed …

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Jun 27

The Brits remember when… Now it’s our turn!

The Brits said no more!  No more being told by Brussels what they have to do.  No more being told by Brussels what they have to pay.  Sorta like taxation without representation … remember that one… Dear Colorado Senators Bennet & Gardner: As I listen to all the political and media “experts” tell me why …

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Apr 29

Semantics (agreement vs. treaty) shouldn’t dictate negotiating procedures

Our Constitutional system of checks and balances is again being abused by the Administration.  When the U.S. negotiates an “agreement” (Treaty? – Tomato / Tomatoe) with another nation that has potential ramifications of world wide effect – our Congress (specifically the Senate) must be involved.  To not involve the Senate with any international agreement with …

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Jan 25

It’s Time for Some Adjustments

We keep hoping Congress will reign in our Federal Government’s massive growth and pervasive intrusion into the rights and responsibilities awarded our States by the Constitution.  But the opposite is and has been the case.  The nation is on a spiral into socialism and tyranny.  The Constitution provides a last check and balance to prevent …

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Apr 14

Legislation by Petition – – Again?

My Senator Udall wants to slap down a recent Supreme Court Decision regarding citizens’ campaign financing.  He obviously thinks it will work against his re-election campaign.  For once, thankfully,  he’s probably correct! He (Senator Mark Udall D-CO) isn’t sure what to do about the ruling so he’s asking me to sign a petition. That should …

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Feb 10

Using laws we already have – what an idea!

“Comprehensive” is, in fact, a really nebulous   (indistinct, vague) term – perhaps that is why “Comprehensive” is such a popular adjective with our politicians.  Nothing works better than a term that is so well defined – using indistinct and vague terms – when it comes to describing something that is way better left, well, not …

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Jan 26

Constitutional Law vs. Sen. Udall’s Commonsense ??

My Senator Mark Udall (CO-D) wants me to sign a petition (the guy is in a rut) to amend the US Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court Decision “Citizens United” that allows corporations and individuals to provide campaign funds – to Mark’s opponents! A constitutional amendment to overturn a Supreme Court decision – really??   …

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Dec 01

Actions that hurt people and destroy things – Mayhem

Mayhem in our Congress and the Administration.  Rules don’t work for you – change the rules!  Laws aren’t working as expected – change the law by executive edict!  Our Constitution is under attack!  My Representative Scott Tipton (R-CO) keeps fighting for some return to government for and by the people.  He needs some thanks.   …

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