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Jul 08

… So Few … So Many

My Senator Cory Gardner sent out an email message on July 1, accolading himself for all the good things he’s doing.  Unfortunately, I disagree with his enthusiasm over his listed issues:   Senator Gardner: I just went back and reviewed your July 1 message I received via email.  I know you try to keep your …

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May 21

How many times can you fix a problem?

Again, federal spending is eating away at my gut.  The Heritage Foundation today released a long term balanced budget proposal that is a logical approach to potentially solving our federal bankruptcy.  Painless? That would be impossible.  Practical?  Perhaps.  Necessary – Absolutely. This to my three Congressment today!   My Colorado Representatives: It should be no …

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May 12

What About that “National Debt”?

Over the past several weeks I have ranted to my Congress People about the lack of a Federal Budget and the resultant national debt incurred because Congress won’t budget expendetures (and give-a-way funds, or any funds!)  One of my readers had been doing his own investigative work about the “National Debt” – that $22 Trillion …

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May 05

Addressed to me…

Form letters are both general and impersonal.  If my Congressmen think a form letter does the response trick, then that tells me something about their concern.  It is accepted “form” (pun intended) but doesn’t make a form letter a proper response.  Hence this letter to my Senator Gardner regarding the federal budget.   Senator Gardner: …

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Feb 17

“Myopicy” My What???

OK – I made up the word.  I couldn’t come up with a word to describe some of the myopic viewpoints of our Congresspeople.  I’m traveling the early part of the week hence the early posting.   My Colorado Representatives: “Myopicy” – not a word according to our dictionaries, but how else does one say …

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Jan 08

116th Congress – Now What??

Yesterday’s topic was too pointed to be just another issue.  Hey!  The government is (partially) shut down – even (in case you haven’t heard) most of the National Parks!!  But we have a new Congress now.  Can they be directed….????   My Colorado Representatives: Here we go – 116th U.S. Congress.  Will you three be …

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Dec 02

It’s As Good as Over?

As my last attempt of the year to be heard past the first staff member to trash this letter, I figure I might as well try to tell my Cngresspeople once again that things must be done to save the nation.  Sounds hollow, I know – the “saving the nation” stuff – but … My …

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Sep 04

Deficit Interest, Yes – Concerns, most Definitely

My Congressman, Scott Tipton, sent me a message, via email.  His message referred to my “interest” in the deficit and told me what he’s doing to fix it.  Yeah, Right. My response:   Scott – On August 31, 2018, you (well, your staff) sent me a message at 1:14 PM MDT.  In the message, you …

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Jan 09

How Do You Really Feel About It?

Even more complaining about an ongoing issue.  Whats to be gained by this constant bickering?  Probably naught – but if the left can continue to complain about Trump stealing the Presidency from Hillary, I can complain about Congress not doing their job – and know my complaint can be fixed!   My Colorado Representatives: Is …

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Dec 12

You did it Again, WHY?

Congress is responsible (?) for managing the nation’s finances and operations.  They have a whole year to do that job.  Why is it they never seem to be able to do so in a responsible, timely manner.  I mean, it is their JOB!   My Colorado Representatives: Last week of the Congressional calendar work year …

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