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May 21

How many times can you fix a problem?

Again, federal spending is eating away at my gut.  The Heritage Foundation today released a long term balanced budget proposal that is a logical approach to potentially solving our federal bankruptcy.  Painless? That would be impossible.  Practical?  Perhaps.  Necessary – Absolutely. This to my three Congressment today!   My Colorado Representatives: It should be no …

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May 12

What About that “National Debt”?

Over the past several weeks I have ranted to my Congress People about the lack of a Federal Budget and the resultant national debt incurred because Congress won’t budget expendetures (and give-a-way funds, or any funds!)  One of my readers had been doing his own investigative work about the “National Debt” – that $22 Trillion …

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May 05

Addressed to me…

Form letters are both general and impersonal.  If my Congressmen think a form letter does the response trick, then that tells me something about their concern.  It is accepted “form” (pun intended) but doesn’t make a form letter a proper response.  Hence this letter to my Senator Gardner regarding the federal budget.   Senator Gardner: …

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Feb 17

“Myopicy” My What???

OK – I made up the word.  I couldn’t come up with a word to describe some of the myopic viewpoints of our Congresspeople.  I’m traveling the early part of the week hence the early posting.   My Colorado Representatives: “Myopicy” – not a word according to our dictionaries, but how else does one say …

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Jan 08

116th Congress – Now What??

Yesterday’s topic was too pointed to be just another issue.  Hey!  The government is (partially) shut down – even (in case you haven’t heard) most of the National Parks!!  But we have a new Congress now.  Can they be directed….????   My Colorado Representatives: Here we go – 116th U.S. Congress.  Will you three be …

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Dec 02

It’s As Good as Over?

As my last attempt of the year to be heard past the first staff member to trash this letter, I figure I might as well try to tell my Cngresspeople once again that things must be done to save the nation.  Sounds hollow, I know – the “saving the nation” stuff – but … My …

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Sep 04

Deficit Interest, Yes – Concerns, most Definitely

My Congressman, Scott Tipton, sent me a message, via email.  His message referred to my “interest” in the deficit and told me what he’s doing to fix it.  Yeah, Right. My response:   Scott – On August 31, 2018, you (well, your staff) sent me a message at 1:14 PM MDT.  In the message, you …

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Jan 09

How Do You Really Feel About It?

Even more complaining about an ongoing issue.  Whats to be gained by this constant bickering?  Probably naught – but if the left can continue to complain about Trump stealing the Presidency from Hillary, I can complain about Congress not doing their job – and know my complaint can be fixed!   My Colorado Representatives: Is …

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Dec 12

You did it Again, WHY?

Congress is responsible (?) for managing the nation’s finances and operations.  They have a whole year to do that job.  Why is it they never seem to be able to do so in a responsible, timely manner.  I mean, it is their JOB!   My Colorado Representatives: Last week of the Congressional calendar work year …

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Oct 31

It is like a form of Cancer!

The old addage, “Tell them what you’re going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them” doesn’t work with (or in) Congress. Scott: I guess you and the rest of your colleagues are too busy to discuss on the floor of the House a local desire in Indiana (H.R. 1488 …

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