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Apr 01

If you like your Constitution, You can…

Colorado’s new liberal legislature couldn’t wait to join the National Popular Vote (NPV) Movement because they “want every vote to count”  – like California and New York and New Jersey.  They want only 36% of the voters to elect the President instead of 48% or maybe even 50% or more.  If you don’t like your …

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Nov 08

Election Time is Coming – Wake up Congress!!!

Many Republicans are upset that the Republicans in Congress can’t seem to combine efforts to accomplish what we were promised prior to the last national election.  Here we are half way to the next national election and the citizenry isn’t happy.  There’s few reasons to be happy!  Let’s hope Congress gets the right message this …

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Aug 16

Equal Rights vs. Special Rights

My Senator Bennet is rushing “right” and “left” like the Warner Bros. Tasmanian Devil trying to appease everyone.  Now he wants more unnecessary duplicative legislation just to gain special interest group votes.  Why am I not surprised!   Senator Bennet: I received your August 14th e-mail, “…we’re making progress.” Your e-mail attempts to make a …

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Aug 10

Enforce and Protect my Voting Rights

All the Congresspeople are out.  This happens every year and without fail I continue to have issues created by them (while they’re out) that inspire letters.  An e-mail from my Senator Bennet inspired this one:   Michael – Since you’re so fired up to extend the “Voters Rights” law based upon amendments XV, XIX, XXIV …

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Nov 10

The Long Slow Ride back to Washington DC (for some)

They’re back!  Or they’re slowly working their way back – some new faces in Congress and some long faces “lame ducking” about – ready to “get even” with their constituents that voted for the other guy!  My soon to be former Senator Mark Udall will probably spend most of his next two months in DC …

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Nov 07

What I learned from this week’s election