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May 28

Drink Up! Another Executive Order?

One of the most all encompassing, tyrannical maneuvers attempted yet by Obama and his minions would be an Executive Order implementing a rule proposed by the EPA which, in essence, would give control of all the waters of the US to the federal government.  What could possibly go wrong with that?? A rule, that by …

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Oct 06

The State of Colorado knows how to manage water resources

This week I’m asking the Colorado State Government for help regarding the proposed EPA ruling which, in essence, would take control of national water resources away from the States and put control in the hands of federal government bureaucrats.  I’ve written numerous letters regarding this issue to my Congressional Representative and Senators.  I think this …

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Mar 31

Logic and Government – Governor, They Don’t Mix

Colorado’s Governor John Hickenlooper was talking to a long standing Colorado western slope civil affairs group last week about his State Water Plan when he off-handed mentioned that maybe all the dams in Colorado should be raised 10 feet for more water storage. Ooops!  My response below was copied to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel …

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Mar 09

Just exactly how is this Legislation going to help?

A deviation this week hence the early posting. If you have followed the Senate Insanity here in Colorado (it’s one way to make the national news) then you may know that five of the seven “firearms-related legislation” (I love that reach to not say ‘gun control’) passed the Colorado Senate late, late (we had our …

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