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Jul 08

… So Few … So Many

My Senator Cory Gardner sent out an email message on July 1, accolading himself for all the good things he’s doing.  Unfortunately, I disagree with his enthusiasm over his listed issues:   Senator Gardner: I just went back and reviewed your July 1 message I received via email.  I know you try to keep your …

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Jan 17

Government Shutdown – How did we Really Get Here!

The editorial in today’s Grand Junction (Colorado) Daily Sentinel rubbed my feathers the wrong way a bit so a response was drafted and sent.  The government shutdown and our Congress are the main topics so I thought my Congress People needed to know.   My Colorado Representatives: Below is the text of a letter to …

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Dec 02

It’s As Good as Over?

As my last attempt of the year to be heard past the first staff member to trash this letter, I figure I might as well try to tell my Cngresspeople once again that things must be done to save the nation.  Sounds hollow, I know – the “saving the nation” stuff – but … My …

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Nov 17

Quack, Quack, Quack

There’s going to be a lot of direction change, revisiting old legislative proposals and certainly investigations and impeachment attempts over the next two years.  I’d like to say it will be fun to watch but I respect the nation too much to look at this as entertainment.  Let’s hope some members of Congress will actually …

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Jun 24

Emotion and Laws do not mix

As I was faxing this letter to my Representative, Scott Tipton (R-CO) I noticed where President Trump “tweeted” similar concerns.  Where does it end? Laws twisted and turned by emotion have no place in a nation based on the rule of law.  Politics is emotions.  Laws are NOT!   Scott – There’s a reason we …

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Nov 23

Obama: “We’re weak & afraid if we don’t take refugees.”

President Obama thinks if we refuse to accept any Syrian refugees were showing we’re weak and afraid.  I think he’s showing that he is unawares and uncaring.  My Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO) hit the issue head on in his 11/22 Column.  Take a minute and read it.   Scott – I read your Nov 22nd …

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Nov 16

Coming Soon – To a City Near You!

The Radical Islamic Terrorist attack(s) in Paris this past Friday will soon becoming to a US city near you.  We have been and are a primary target.  We can quickly do something to help prevent future attacks in the US.  This letter has gone to my Representative Tipton (R-CO) and Senators Bennet (D-CO) & Gradner …

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Apr 27

One Nation – One Culture – One Language

Our national culture is crumbling into something totally foreign to our Constitutional foundation.  Others want to join us physically but not culturally.  Being here is convenient – participating is inconvenient.  Everyone has ideals but to culturally shield your ideals from others undermines our nation.  We have to be able to talk to each other!  Hence …

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Feb 10

Using laws we already have – what an idea!

“Comprehensive” is, in fact, a really nebulous   (indistinct, vague) term – perhaps that is why “Comprehensive” is such a popular adjective with our politicians.  Nothing works better than a term that is so well defined – using indistinct and vague terms – when it comes to describing something that is way better left, well, not …

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Jun 24

Hey – Try This!

We have Senators, Lobbyists, Administrative hit men and who knows what else running amok through the halls of Congress and gathering in dark nooks and crannies – sipping expensive scotch and bourbon or mediocre ‘designer’ beers, secretly negotiating votes on, in essence, a new 1000 page bill that has magically appeared to replace the Gang …

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