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It is Thanksgiving, 2019. In my opinion, one to not be remembered. This year, being thankful for the great nation I was fortunate to be born into isn’t even near the top of my list. What a mess our government has made of itself. Fortunately for you three as individuals because you are not directly …

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Quack, Quack, Quack

There’s going to be a lot of direction change, revisiting old legislative proposals and certainly investigations and impeachment attempts over the next two years.  I’d like to say it will be fun to watch but I respect the nation too much to look at this as entertainment.  Let’s hope some members of Congress will actually …

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Uncle Sam wants…WHAT?

It seems to be a politically correct plague throughout our government.  Do you think someone might volunteer to serve – just to be served?  Hmmm… This letter today to my Congressman Scott Tipton that attempted (unsuccessfully) to remove funds for this from the military spending authorization.  (Didn’t we used to call those “Budgets”?  But then …

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