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Jun 17

Could be (‘Tis) a Quandary?

The Supreme Court will soon release a decision regarding the government subsidized Obama Care for as many as 9 million citizens(?) of our nation.  The Republicans will be blamed if the ruling is against continued federal welfare healthcare.  What about the other 310 million citizens(?)?  This letter is to my Rep. Scott Tipton was sent …

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Apr 19

Band-Aids Don’t Always Help – Sometimes They Hurt!

This letter went individually to all three of my Congresspeople, Sen. Gardner (R-CO) shown here and Sen. Bennet (D-CO) as well as Rep. Tipton (R-CO).  Both the Administration and Congress has been trying to “patch up” Obama Care.  It’s not working and it is counterproductive.   Dear Cory: I would bet that any experienced physician …

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Feb 08

It’s Wake-Up Time in the Senate!

We’ve talked about how the White House will most likely become the 114th Congress “House of No”!  But before legislation reaches the Oval Office for the actual veto signature or the veto by being disregarded, many Senators will be casting votes on legislation they could ignore in the past.  My Colorado Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) …

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Feb 02

Which is the House of “NO” Now?

For the past two or more years the Republican controlled House of Representative was often referred to as the “House of No”.  House legislation was considered to have never existed because the bills passed disappeared in the black hole of then Senate Majority leader Harry Reid’s desk. Times have changed.  Now legislation will in fact …

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Dec 19

Saddle up for a long ride in 2015, sharpen your sword!

I was going to keep my mouth shut until the new 114th Congress was in session – bu my Representative’s staff appears to be working so… I received the form letter shown here as justification for why Congressman Scott Tipton (CO-R) voted for the recent “Conubus” spending bill.  I just couldn’t avoid sending the email …

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Nov 17

Congress – Limping along until January

We now begin the weirdest part of our Constitutional form of government – finishing a Congressional Session made up of voting representatives including some that have been removed from office by their constituents – go figure…  Some suggestions to my re-elected Congressman Scott Tipton (R-CO) below.   Scott – The remainder of this 113th Congress …

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Nov 18

What a Horror Story!

I’ve purposely avoided commenting to my Senators about Obama Care because of the high visibility of the issue over these past weeks – but one can only hold the frustration in so long…. This letter below went my Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) and Mark Udall (D-CO) as shown below.   Mark: Obama Care – Wow! …

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Nov 03

It’s About What You Haven’t Done!

Occasionally one of my Senators or my Representative (or their staff) actually responds to my many pointed works. Of course the response frequently has little if anything to do with the original subject.  Such was a letter I recently received from my Colorado Senator Michael Bennet.  My response to his response is shown here.   …

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Oct 31

Maybe a little like the “Death March”?

When I first wrote this letter early today I didn’t have any footnotes – then I remembered the target audience.  Thus the footnotes were added to clarify the purpose of the letter… This went to both my Senators – Mark Udall (D-CO) and Michael Bennet (D-CO) Senators: A mandatory journey to…? Do we (the people) …

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Sep 15

A Train Wreck of “Unintended Consequences”

“So much to do, so little time.”  Our Congressional leaders scooting about like excited electrons about some meandering  unknown nucleus with so much to do before the end of the (federal fiscal) year.  The truly horrible “Continuing Resolution” method of financing our federal government coupled with ever growing issues about Syria, Benghazi, The IRS, the …

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