Tag: States Rights

2019 HR1 Steamrolling Constitutional States Rights

2019 HR1 now working its way through the House of Representatives is an atrocity!  The Federal Government has been slowly eroding States Rights since Congress realized it could actually propose legislation that would do so.  There’s a difference between slow erosion and using hydraulicking – high pressure movement of mountains.  2019 HR1 blasts away the …

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Overreaction? Out of Focus? What?

My Senator Gardner (R-CO) sent a message to his constituents on January 9th reflecting a tantrum about the recent decision by the Administration to rescind the constitutionally questionable Obama directive regarding the non-enforcement of federal marijuana laws.  The text of Sen. Gardner’s message is shown below the letter to the right cannot be found on …

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It’s Time for Some Adjustments

We keep hoping Congress will reign in our Federal Government’s massive growth and pervasive intrusion into the rights and responsibilities awarded our States by the Constitution.  But the opposite is and has been the case.  The nation is on a spiral into socialism and tyranny.  The Constitution provides a last check and balance to prevent …

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